Inflamed & Draining Claws

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    Tony Scott

    For the last month, my poor kitty has been wrestling with an inflamed and infected claw on one of his front paws. I took him to the vet originally because he was just not himself. All of his blood panels came back fine and he has no fever. The doctor had no clue what was wrong. That night I noticed he was holding one of his front paws up all the time. ‘Took him back to the vet and that’s when he noticed the swelled and discolored claw. He thought he had torn it and so we began with soaking in Betadyne solution and he put him on Baytril (spelling?)—an antibiotic that he said was particularly good for healing skin problems.

    A week later, the Baytril ran out and he wasn’t much better. I took him back and now he put him on Amoxicillin. (I was trying to avoid Clavamox since the last time he had that after dental surgery, he stopped eating, got diarrhea and vomited.) One week after the Amoxicillin, it was still draining pus, but he was walking better and it seemed as though he would be fine with another dose of antibiotics. This time the vet insisted on trying the Clavamox.

    He took the Clavamox for about 5 days and then started vomiting. Since I was out of town and he was staying at my 80+ year old mother’s, I told her to stop trying to give him the antibiotic.

    Three days later when I returned home, I was horrified to see the claw is still draining and now he has a claw on his RIGHT front paw doing the same. In addition, he’s starting to lick his left back paw a lot, too, although I don’t see any discharge.

    He’s only been off antibiotics for 3 days in the last month. How can this be spreading? I can’t help but think this is NOT bacterial—there’s something else happening, but I’ve no idea what. He’s not eating well and is losing weight. He still has loose stool and I know most of that is due to the anitibiotics messing with his poor intestinal system.

    Do you have any idea what this could be? I’m taking him for a second opinion, but can’t get in until tomorrow. I’m worried sick….

    Please offer any advice on what this may be and/or what I can do to help him eat. I’ve tried warming his food and just giving him straight salmon, but he just doesn’t have much interest…..

    Thank you!


    My dog had an inflammed front paw as well not long ago. It turned out her toe nail was broken and became loose. The vet put her on clavamox which she tolerated well. We also had her paw soaked in warm salt water for 5 minutes twice a day. After soaking and drying her paw, we put also a coat of plysporin (which you could buy over the counter). She improved almost immediately, but didn’t completely heal until after 14 days when she finished her full course of antibiotics.
    The part that my dog “enjoyed” the most was soaking in the warm salt water, I guess that was somehow soothing to the inflammed paw! You may want to try that.

    Hope this info helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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