Incontinence aftrer bladder surgery

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    My male cat of two years old developed bladder stones & underwent surgery on Jan. 4th, of this year. Since then he has been hospitalized for almost 30 days on & off to treat a kidney shut down, dehydration, & other complications. At one point he was catherized for about six days.

    Its now well over two months after surgery and he is still incontinent. Wll he ever return to normal. He has also lost weight over the two months. He is now undergoing treatment for dehydration & an antibiotic to help relieve straining when voiding. Blood tests show he is now only dehydrated & all kidney functions are normal. Don’t know what to do next & his doctor has no answer to the incontinentce. Could something have affected sphincter muscle control during surgery? Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has experienced this long time situation.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=Catman]Could something have affected sphincter muscle control during surgery? [/quote]

    Hi Catman-

    It is extremely unlikely that the surgical procedure caused the incontinence.

    A “normal”, adult cat only gets repeatedly dehydrated due to blood loss, vomiting, fluid shifts or kidney failure. Do you know why he is still getting dehydrated post-surgically?

    I would continue with the fluid support. Of course, excellent nutrition is very important. The more fresh food with extra water, the better. No dry food of course.

    In addiition, deep homeopathic curative therapy, Amino B+, +/-K liquid vitamins (from Rx Vitamins), Nu-Cat vitamins, Trace Animinerals and omega-3 fatty acids are all very important to facilitate a full recovery.

    Good luck and please let me know what happens.

    Dr. Jeff


    I am in almost the same predicament as the original poster. My cat had a month of undiagnosed bladder stones and then finally surgery once a long awaited ultrasound found the low PH stones. During the month before diagnoses, he had to be catheterized for 3 days, and spent many days straining to get urine out of his bladder.
    After surgery he did not start urinating again normally for about 10 days. All the stones were gone, but he just couldn’t figure out how to relieve himself properly. Then, as if he got the memo that we were considering PU surgery, he decided to pee again. We had 3 days of normal urination and but now he is leaking urine regularly with blood in it occasionally. Today our vet is going to test for an infection or left-over crystals, but we are at our wits end with the dribbles of urine all over the house. Could this be a damaged bladder, urethra, or just a neurological disorder?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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