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    Back on the 1st of May I had to have my cat put down. His lungs were full and he had an infection of some kind. I ask the vet if the other 2 cat were at risk of getting sick. I was told no. Then about 4 weeks later the oldest cat that hung around with my cat was not eating or drinking at all. Took him to a different vet. His blood work came back and his WBC was double what the high end of normal was and he was dehyrated. Course of action was Moxy drops. Well he was bad. I took him back to the vet the next day and talked with the vet about me giving him sub-Q fluids and PCN shots. He agreed. I ended up giving him 2 sessions of 150 cc fluids and a total of 7 shots. At the time of the last shot he was really getting mad about the burning feeling. Back to Moxy drops. He started to improved after about a week. He was on the between the Moxy drops and shots a total of 19 days. Then the 10 year old cat did not want to eat but he was still drinking. This was about 2 weeks after the oldest started acting funny. I took him to the vet and he was not dehydrated but he needed some meds. I ended up given him a total of 3 shot before he started fussing. Then we started giving him Moxy drops. He improved quickly. Now about two weeks later hour bengal kitten stopped eating. Took her to the vet on Monday. Moxy drops for her. She was still drinking. Now after about 2 days of the drops she is starting to eat. Any idea how or what started this? None of the cats ever were outside. We bring the oldest back on Thursday for bloodwork. Hopefully this will come back normal.
    We have changed out the litter box with a freshly clean with bleach one. Cleaned the bedding and the hardwood floors in the house. I am just worried that the cycle will start over.

    If anyone has any input please add.


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