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How to discuss posology with my DVM homeopath

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    I am hoping that Dr. Feinman can help me communicate with my homeopathic DVM regarding posology for a chronic condition. She is affiliated with the AVH but is not certified and I am concerned about her apparent reliance on dry doses. I have emphasized to her that I understand that caregiver compliance and “buy-in” to homeopathy is a challenge for practitioners but I am more than willing to work with medicinal solutions.

    My homeopathic quest to cure my 7yo cocker spaniel’s ibd began three months ago when an ultrasound revealed moderate intestinal thickening and fluid build-up. His chronic diarrhea began in August of last year and he was treated presumptively for parasites with a round of flagyl and then a few weeks later two rounds of panacur. Comprehensive blood work and urinalysis reflected the stress of the continuous diarrhea without pointing to a particular pathological diagnosis. Every test for parasites, including a giardia SNAP test, came back negative, as did pancreas testing. The TLI indicated B12 deficiency. The internist recommended a maintenance dose of flagyl amounting to 25% of the dose I had kept him on to avoid accidents in the house (down to 62.5Mgs BID from 250Mgs BID). Every time I took him down by 25% in an attempt to get to the recommended dose, his diarrhea worsened until he began to be treated homeopathically.

    As it happens, the first homeopathic DVM I contacted *is* a certified member of the AVH. However, she insisted that he be off the flagyl completely before she could treat him. When I pointed out that an incontinent dog was a problem in a busy household, she recommended confining him to a more easily cleaned room during the inevitable acute flare up. Since this was unacceptable to me, she recommended my current vet, who had no problem starting with homeopathy while we weaned Dylan off the flagyl. Both of these vets have been through Dr. Pitcairn’s advanced courses.

    I believe she took the case quite thoroughly and accurately, prescribing a constitutional remedy that interestingly reflects not only the dog’s constellation of mental, emotional and physical symptoms but also my own, going back to childhood. My concerns are not about the appropriateness of the remedy, which after three weeks has helped him to make significant progress, but her approach to posology.

    She initially prescribed 2 6c pellets of the remedy administered dry once a day for the first ten days. I believe she was testing both the appropriateness of the remedy and the dog’s sensitivity. By this time, I had been able to take the dosage of flagyl down to about half of the 250Mgs BID dose without ill effects. She suggested cutting this lower dose in half, which brought him to the dose recommended by the allopathic internist. From the tenth to fourteenth day, I was to give 2 6c pellets twice a day. The lowered dose of flagyl resulted in some worsening of the diarrhea.

    When I checked in on the fourteenth day and reported that the lower 25% dose of flagyl was “too low,” she recommended going back to the 1/2 dose of flagyl and prescribed one dry dose of the same remedy in a 30c potency. I must say that during this time I noticed no aggravations which I would attribute to the remedy, only the slight worsening of the diarrhea when the flagyl was reduced abruptly.

    From the fourteenth to the twenty-first day, I was to give only the one dry 30c dose, and wait a couple of days. If there was improvement but it was not “striking,” I could give a second dry dose. Tomorrow is the twenty-first day and I am checking in with her.

    In the meantime, since there had been improvement on the single 30c dose, but it was not striking, I decided to make a medicinal solution because as I learned a bit about posology, I was growing uncomfortable with the notion of dry doses being repeated in the same potency even though they were not being given mechanically at this point. I made the solution by crushing one 30c pellet and dissolving it in 3 0z of filtered water in a 4 oz bottle. Two days after the first dry dose I gave 1 tsp of the solution after I succussed it 4 times. Since then I have given two more doses every other day: 1 tsp of the solution re-succussed 4 times for each dose. Dylan’s improvement has been steady if not yet striking.

    I am convinced that dry doses are not the way to go and I’m hoping that Dr. Feinman can give me some hints as to how to communicate with my vet so as not to reject her posology but to get her help in furthering the cure by medicinal solution.

    Thank you,
    Ron and Dylan


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=ronross]give me some hints as to how to communicate with my vet [/quote]

    Excellent question. I will need to ponder it further. In the meantime, please contact me privately.

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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