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    Dr. Jeff,

    Once I put my puppy on the Frontline Plus, it immediately killed all the lice that he had however, he is still loaded with nits. He has been on Frontline Plus for an entire month.

    I can’t even begin to tell you how frustrated I am because I had heard that they should hatch within 7-10 days. Then I heard up to 21 days. Well as I said, it has been an entire month and he still has tons of nits that haven’t hatched!!! I can see them clear as day because he has black fur and the stand out like a sore thumb. I shaved his hind legs and his back end hoping I could get rid of the stupid things (it didn’t help much), but he is still infested literally from head to toe. I don’t want to shave him down totally as his back end looks silly already and I know it still won’t get rid of the nits. And I keep combing him with a flea comb to check for dead lice and/or nits. I don’t see any more dead lice, but the only nits that come off him are the ones stuck on his loose hair. It’s like they have been super glued right on each hair shaft – some hairs even have up to 5 or 6 nits on it!!!!

    The Frontline is supposed to be applied once a month for a few months to ensure that he will be lice/nit free. I have a shampoo which is called Ecto-Soothe 3X which claims it kills fleas, ticks & lice, but I’m not sure how often I could/should shampoo him in it.

    So my questions are:

    1) If Frontline Plus is supposed to be such a strong medicine, why isn’t he rid of the nits, yet??

    2) If Frontline hasn’t helped him totally get rid of the nits, I don’t think just shampooing with a medicated shampoo should be any better. Any thoughts on this?? (If you feel it would be better to just use the medicated shampoo, how often would I need to do this to keep it under control??)

    3) I have an adult dog that I put on Frontline a few days after the puppy to ensure he will be safe. He seems like he’s been fine (thankfully!!), but do I need to reapply Frontline on him again, too or if you suggest just shampooing the puppy, how about the other dog and how often is safe for him??

    4) Do you have any idea when these stinkin’ things will hatch and die??

    I can’t take it anymore – a whole month later and I still see nits all over him!!!
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😥

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=bella] why isn’t he rid of the nits, yet?? [/quote]

    I would be suspicious of the original diagnosis of lice. True lice are not this difficult to eliminate unless there is a source of reinfection. A consult by a Board Certified dermatologist will answer all of your questions.


    I know that he has lice because when I originally got him and brought him to a vet, he took one of the lice and put it under the microscope and identified it as chewing lice. The Frontline Plus has truly helped because he was loaded with actual live lice and once the medicine was applied, it did kill all the lice. I combed him everyday with a flea comb and saw all the dead lice on it. I guess because he was totally loaded with lice, that is why he is totally loaded with nits. It seems like all the nits that were around his neck and upper back are pretty much gone (I suspect because that’s where the Frontline was applied), however his forehead, lower back, and hind legs are still loaded with nits. The Frontline I purchased came in a pack of 3, and the vet said to use all 3 packs for 3 months which will ensure all of the lice/nits to die, but I guess I just hoped that I wouldn’t have to apply all that medicine on a puppy.
    Is it possible that those nits never hatched, they just died, and that’s why they are still on his hair??? If that is true, would they ever come off his hair or do I just have to wait for all the hair to shed??? Sorry to be such a pain in the ***, but I really can’t find much info on dog lice. I guess it’s not very common.

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