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    I am so frustrated with this persistent problem. My 14 year old Pug has this horrible honking cough. The cough occurs upon exhaling and varies lasting for a few minutes to hours. It is worse at night. There are no issues with eating or drinking. To me, she sounds like there is something loose -maybe a drip – in her throat. She had the same issue last year at the exact same time. Then it lasted 2 weeks and with treatment she was better. We are now in week 3 and no real improvement after antibiotics, cough tabs w/codeine and zertec. Our vet is treating her and wants to consider an xray for Pugsley. With her advanced age, I don’t want to subject her to more than necessary. The irony is that the same symptoms presented at exactly the same time last year. I was just looking at herbal remedies as well to see if there could be any benefit for her. Thought are appreciated.

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