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Homeopathy for acutes

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    There are many ways in which you can learn to help yourself help your pet in times of sudden illness or injury. Although it’s always best to run this by your homeopath, if you cannot reach him in an emergency, there is still much you can do safely.

    Here’s a nice example: last week my dog became lame in a rear leg some time after a vigorous exercise session. Her unwillingness to use the leg was the only real symptom – there was no obvious joint damage or anything she couldn’t actually do with the leg. Assuming it was a soft tissue injury, and ruling out a completely torn ligament, I gave Arnica for any swelling and bruising, and then the more specific Ruta Graveolens, which loves sprains and strains. I also used an ice pack on it at intervals. After a few days she was using the leg but still favoring it, and I noticed it was worse upon arising after a rest or sleep. Well, heck, there’s a remedy that does exactly that, Rhus Tox. This morning I gave her one dose, and she soon showed no signs of favoring the leg at all, and was quite active all day. I love it when it works like that!

    This is not to tell you specific remedies to use, but only to illustrate what a working knowledge and a first aid kit can do. This part ISN’T rocket science, and can be mastered with a good book or short course. The only problem is that, as soon as you start seeing these little miracles you’ll want to keep on learning more:)



    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Thanks for sharing your experience Ginny. As you well know, acute prescribing is extremely rewarding. The significant symptoms are “in your face” and readily apparent.



    And another nice acute resolution: Five days ago, my sweet lady dog was attacked by another on-lead dog in a pet store. Everything had looked fine for a greeting, and they were mutually sniffing when he rose up and attacked her head. We pulled them apart instantly, with what appeared to be no damage, but after I got her back to the truck I noted that she had what are probably claw injuries around her left eye: three parallel scratches, and one deeper laceration on the upper eyelid, and another two minor scratches, one inboard of the eye and one below it on the cheek.
    She was in no distress, and there was no excessive bleeding, nor were sutures indicated. I was more than an hour from home, but when I got there I gave one dose of Arnica 30c, in case the eye was bruised or damaged – Arnica is a big eye remedy. A few minutes later I gave a dose of Hypericum, repeated it again later that evening, and again in the morning. I also used Hyper-Cal ointment on the scratches three times. She has healed remarkably quickly, as I knew she would. But it’s nice to have something to DO, that you know will be beneficial and speed healing. My doses are all given in water: for acute use it’s one tiny pellet dissolved in four ounces of water, succussed ten times – and she gets a spoonful in a dish with a little cream.




    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Rhus tox as an alternative remedy. Yes arnica is good a friend recommended it when my dog’s leg was badly swollen



    It’s necessary to know what remedies are “for” particular situations, but when you need to decide exactly which one to use, you should look at the precise differences between your choices, and at the patient to see what besides the condition itself is either strange or peculiar about the symptoms: is it worse with heat or cold? Worse upon lying still, or when moving around? Worse at certain times of day? If you then go back and read the Materia Medica – or whatever guidebook you are using – you can find the same peculiarities in the remedies, and thus make a much better choice of which to employ. This can help you decide between Rhus and Ruta, or, in the case of a cold, Gelsemium, Bryonia, Allium Cepa, or some other, based on the particular way that runny nose expresses itself. You see, remedies are never “for” a condition, but for the total picture of patient and symptoms. This extra study will let your choices be more successful, and you will gradually become more fluent at choosing the best remedy for whatever presents itself.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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