homeopathic treatment for a cat with FIV cat who has a retrobulbar abscess

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    Hi Dr Feinman
    Could I pls ask you re abscess. My cat who is 14 and was recently diagnosed with FIV had head X rays (under anaesthtic), full blood test and an endoscopy (nasal passages) done recently after developing severe conjunctivitis. The vet says he has an abscess in his face (behind his eye) but fortunately couldnt see any tumors (or fungal infections) .
    He has since prescribed two antibiotics after the initial one (an injection that works for 2 weeks) one didnt clear up the dishcarge/pus coming from nose. If I understood correctly, one is for anaerobic and one aerobic germs as the vet wants to try both at the same time to try and heal the abscess (esp given my cats compromised immune system) and avoid possible septicimea. He is in stage 2-3 of FIV the vet says and has some kidney disease (but not bad) and the FIV is apparently affecting his red blood cell count. We are on day 4-5 of the antibiotics now.
    I thought perhaps some homeopathics might also help the healing process? and was wondering what might be the best one , perhaps Hep sulp or silica/silicea? I have both here in 30C strength but am not sure which might be most suitable, as I am not sure of the state of the abscess inside his head and therefore which would be the most appropriate (After the op, I gave him two doses of Hep, then two doses of Silicea but then stopped as I got nervous about self prescribing as I wasnt sure of the state of the abscess and also because the abscess is near his brain.) Im guessing the abscess has burst due to the presence of pus but am not sure, nor sure what state it is in I dont know. There is blood in the pus and the eye that swelled is still not fully open and is a bit weepy but much better since the diagnostic proceedure and having two decayed teeth removed and the eye area drained at the same time.
    The abscess has been there a few weeks I think. I had thought it was just a secondary resp infection related to FIV causing the nasal discharge / pus (-the vet gave him some antibiotics for this also at that time) and also, I suspect, mold allergies after a house flood, but I now think he might have had the abscess at the same time as the secondary resp infection. The dishcarge/pus used to come out his nose, at first a clear/yellow then a tan color, with intermittent small amounts of blood, but since the Xray it comes out his forehead mostly as he has a cut there now and there is more blood in it. Fortunately, since the new antibiotics began last week, the discharge seems to be more runny, less pus-sy but there is still quite a bit of blood in it.
    If you are able/happy to advice re this it would be much appreciated, thank you. I thought perhaps using a homeopathic whilst he is on the 2 antibiotics may help the process but am not sure and dont want to take a chance and give him one that possibly is not helpful/suitable and in keeping with his/his bodies natural healing process. (He is also on probiotics whilst he is taking antibiotics.)
    Thank you and
    best wishes

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Thanks for posting your question Marlene.

    At this point, my personal approach in a new patient would be to wait another week or two. I’d want to see if the antibiotics are effective. General support at this time involves diet upgrade when indicated, and appropriate immune boosting supplements.

    At that point, I’d choose an indicated remedy. Hepar and Sil are good choices but the final choice needs to be based on your individual cat’s characteristic symptoms.

    I’d look particularly at your cat’s history and manifestations of internal imbalance *before* the retrobulbar abscess. I’d also look especially at any overall changes in his demeanor.

    The best to do at this point is to consult with a well-trained vet homeopath since prescribing for this very serious condition is tricky. Practitioners can be [url=http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/the-academy-of-veterinary-homeopathy-directory/]found here[/url].

    Feel free to keep us updated.

    Good luck.

    Dr. Jeff


    Thank you very much for your advice Dr Jeff. Ill complete the course of antibiotics before starting any homeopathics, and its good to know HS and Silica could be used
    best wishes

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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