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holistic treatment for dog’s allergies

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    My 105 pound german shepherd appears to have seasonal allergies, our vet has treated him twice since april on an 8 day treatment with vanectyl-p (antihhstamine/antibiotic) both times and he seemed to do well. After the first round of medication, the vet suggested trying benadryl when his allergies were still bothering him, I did, and it didn’t seem to work as well as the vanectyl, hence the second 8 day round of medication. He has oily skin seborreah as well and I have to use a special shampoo from the vet.

    I would like to be to treat my dog’s allergies holistically and would like to know how much of the following vitamins and supplements I should give him, and whether he should receive these year round or only during allergy season. I found this suggested homeopathic treatment on this website, but I need to know what the dosage should be for each.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    * omega fatty acid
    *vitamin A
    *Vitamin E
    *vitamin Zn
    Thanks , Joan



    Hello Dr. Jeff,

    I found this website in an attempt to help my 4 year old lab mix dog, Max. We have been back and forth to the vet, spent over a thousand dollars, and he is no better than when we started this last spring. His symptoms are irritated (raw) areas in his ears (this has cleared up some), in his lip folds, under his chin, at the corners of his eyes, and around his nostrils.

    Our vet has diagnosed this as a food allergy and has tried several combinations of antibiotics, antifungal, antihistimines, and steriods. We also changed his food to a fish and potato diet. The steriods seem to work the best but they are not helping eliminate the problem, they only mask it. As soon as the treatment stops the symtoms return. Not to mention the steriods make him urinate in the house. Not pleasant for a 100 lb dog to be urinating in the house at 4 years old. Our vet has run out of options and now wants us to see an allergist and dermetologist. I wouldn’t mind this if I had some sort of guarantee that it would work. My vet was honest and told me he has had a mix of outcomes. Only about 35% were happy with the results of the specialist. That is not good enough for me.

    I am ready for another alternative. I have seen several allergy inquiries and the basic suppliments given for dog allergies. I would like to try this treatment. Could you direct me at what the best forms of suppliments, how much and how often? Or direct me to another website to find this information?

    Jane S.


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=JaneS]Could you direct me at what the best forms of suppliments, how much and how often? [/quote]

    All of the supplements listed in the allergy section of my store [url]https://www.homevet.com/osc/index.php?cPath=2[/url] can help significantly. All orders come with directions (as long as you supply the requested info). That being said, supplements, vitamins, allergy shots, etc. all still really just cover up the symptoms (of an underlying immune hypersensitivity).

    My best advice is to start working with an experienced veterinary homeopath to minimize/eliminate the underlying dynamic dysequilbrium which have caused the allergies. S/he will likely recommend specific nutritional changes as well.

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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