Histiminum for treating a mast cell tumor in a cat?

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    My kitty Zoey had a small mast cell tumour removed just over her right eye about 2 years ago. The surgery did not get all the margins, so every few months her eye flares up. Under her lid, above and the side of the eye by the nose. WIth mmy conventional vet I treated it with Benadryl shots (which I give her now immediately if a flare up occurs). I was tired of giving her chemicals, so chose to work with a homeopathic vet. First we used Apis, which made it way worse. We moved on to Euphrasia 30CH which has been great, and I’ve added Pulsatilla occasionally. The eye ‘poochiness’ is not going away. It’s inflammation on the skin surrounding the nose and upper eyelid (normally it goes away). I’ve eliminated fish, and chicken from her diet, as she has had consistent flares after both. She eats a limited ingredient diet now, never off her food, her vision is fine. We do use a corn based clumping litter (for years!) – World’s Best Cat Litter. (I’m gluten/wheat sensitive, so we cannot use wheat based litter) I wonder sometimes if the corn is an issue as well. Anyway, since mast cell tumours release histmine, I’ve asked my homeopathic vet whether I can try Histiminum on Zoey. No response. I really want to give it a go without having to pay hundreds of dollars for her visit, to get a simple go ahead. Can you help or guide me – is it okay to use histiminum for cats with this situation? If so, what strength – how often? Thanks Dr. Jeff (or anyone who’s tried it) ~ kim

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Sorry for the slow reply Kim.

    I have never used Histaminum. For a mast cell tumor or otherwise.

    The skin and eye inflammation that comes and goes should respond to careful, deep homeopathic prescribing. In my experience, Apis and Euphrasia won’t deal with the underlying energetic imbalance that caused the tumor in the first place.

    I’d advise a fresh food meat-based diet and antioxidants until you touch base with your usual homeopath. S/he may not have a problem with your using Histaminum as long as other homeopathic medicines are not being used at the same time.

    Consider antioxidants like Astaxanthin and Antiox (grape seed extract).

    Have a great weekend.

    Dr. Jeff


    Dr. Jeff, I was surprised and thrilled that you responded. Thank you for taking such great care of our critters and thanks for the advice! ~ kim in canada

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    No problem Kim. Helping to inform pet owners about holistic and homeopathic options for their animal companions (and themselves) is my passion. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be of more assistance.

    Perhaps you’ll find something useful [url=https://www.homevet.com/pet-care-products?page=shop.browse&category_id=14]here.[/url]

    Enjoy your Sunday.

    Dr. Jeff

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