Hills Diet c/d for cat with cystitis

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    Question: Ernie was just treated for cystitis. My vet has put him on Hill’s Prescription Diet s/d for 1 month. After 1 month he is to go on c/d for the rest of his life. She say’s that I can only get it from a vet. My questions are:

    1. Can I only get this from a vet?

    2. Is there another food that can be obtained that has the same ingredients that I can get from a local store or “Pet Mart” type place.

    3. Does he have to stay on s/d? I live in the country (well water with softener and his previous diet was 98% dry food with canned food every couple of weeks as a treat)

    4. Is there a better food than Hill’s for Ernie to eat?

    Thank You for your time.

    Mitch Friel

    Sex: Male Neutered

    username: [email protected]

    Pet: Feline

    Breed: tiger/barn?!?!

    Age: 4.5

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Hills prescription diets are indeed only available through vets. If this was Ernie’s first bout with cystitis you can certainly try to manage him on another diet which is less expensive, and easier to obtain. What did the urinalysis and culture show? Without this information, it is impossible to decide what would be an appropriate diet. In general, keeping him on wet food with water mixed into it will help tremendously during the acute episodes. For more general information you should read the cystitis handout in my pet care library.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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