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High Liver Numbers in my 10 yr old White German Shepherd>

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    I have a 10 yr old White German Shepherd and the vet just did a blood test that showed several of her liver numbers where high. She shows no external signs of sickness except she has stopped eating. These are her test numbers that are high everything else is fine. MCV 60.9, ALT >1000, AST 141, ALP 400, GGT 14, and Cholesterol is 392. The vet has kept her overnight and is giving her IV fluids, plasma lyte and vitamin b-12 inj. She regularly takes Dasuquin, Proin, and Adequin shots.
    Last month this same test was done but her numbers where lower. The test showed that she was exsposed to Ehrlichiosis and they gave her Doxycyline for that and Denamarin for her higher liver numbers. But in that month her liver numbers went up to what they are now.
    I was wondering if there is anything that we can do for her that is not a chemical and would maybe help at home. We can not afford to keep her at the vets for more than 2 days. We love her very much but she is one of those dogs that has had so very much happen to her health wise that we can not afford very much more. Please get back to me with any information soon. I can give you more information if you need it but please any help would be great.

    Thank you,


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Hi Samone. Thanks for reposting on this forum.

    I’m so sorry for everything going on with your dog, but there certainly more that you can do for her.

    Make sure that you are feeding a fresh food, meat-based diet. Use liver support supplements (my favorite is Hepato Support from Rx Vitamins) and minimize environmental toxins.

    Also consider a high quality probiotic to aid both with her liver and to help any dysbiosis secondary to other meds such as anti-biotics.

    Since inappetance is her main sign at this time, you may also want to consider reducing the Proin as phenylpropanolamine (the active ingredient) can also reduce appetite (in people).

    Good luck, and please keep us apprised of how she’s doing.

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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