Hi just joined and have a question about raw salmon

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    Hi I found your site while searching on info on feeding raw salmon to cats.

    I have two kitties.
    7 year old Artemus Gordon who either has IBD or Colitis , vets couldn’t agree.
    And Malachi 2 1/2 year old who has major allgery and immune issues. And he has Hyperesthesia.

    I started them on a raw food diet due to a natural vets urging. They have been on it for about 3 years or almost.
    Arte is doing wonderful . Malachi still has his issues but he takes Moducare to help with the immune stuff and Anaflora flower essence remedies made esp for him for his hyperesthesia.
    Anyway they are both doing well. I know a lot better than they would be if they were taking a bunch of drugs from a reg vet.

    Anyway I wanted to find out about feeding my guys raw salmon.

    I order their food and there was a mix up in their food this order and I got 10 1 lb salmons instead of my pheasant.
    I have never really looked a whole lot into feeding them salmon as its a little scary cause of the poisoning thing even though its only suppose to be dogs and then theres the fact that it can deplete a B vit if eaten to often not to mention I have read about it upseting the balance of the urinary track and causing stones .
    So I have never really considered it and have mostly stayed away from it but now since it has been presented to me like it has I am trying to find out good solid info on feeding it to my guys so I can decide if I want to let them try it or not.

    I would appreciate anything at all you all can tell me on this.
    Would appreciate any sites to go to etc.
    Thanks so very much
    Ps I don’t mind being emailed privately either

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=melissa]find out good solid info on feeding it to my guys so I can decide if I want to let them try it or not.

    If you are still working with the holistic vet then that s/he may be your best source of information about feeding a natural diet.

    I also love Michelle Bernard’s excellent book on natural cat rearing. It is well researched and will give you many practical tips. You can find an excerpt in my natural pet library. Her direct URL is [url]http://www.raisingcatsnaturally.com/[/url].

    In general raw salmon is fine depending on the source. As [b]moderation and variety[/b] are very important factors when feeding a fresh food diet, I would just integrate the salmon into the diet rather than relying on it exclusively.

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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