herniated Disk not Healing in my Pomeranian

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    my 14 lb pomeranian ,5 yo dog Franklyn has a herniated disk he has been on meds a whole month. steriods ,musle relaxers and valium. He yelps and yelps all day nothing seems to be working, I have him in a cage and he seemd like he is in so much pain. He cannot relax and pants and pants between yelps. What else can be done ?will it ever get any better? people are saying he may have to be put down if I cant afford surgery. Its weird because our vet made it sound like it was not a big deal and he would heal on cage rest but nothing is wrking ….i need suggestions.


    Hi. We have had a pretty stressfull New Year as well due to a herniated disk in our 13 year old shepherd mix. She was very active and healthy for a 13 year old dog, then all of a sudden she was limping and refusing to walk. A vet x-ray showed she may have a herniated disk – they weren’t sure. At first we were told to give her aspirin – she was miserable and we were up for 2 nights with her. She is now on muscle relaxers and pain meds. She can handle the pain a little better, but she is also shaking and panting and refusing to walk more than a few feet. I’m also hoping there is something else I can do for her to help her heal. I am learning that there is very little else but to help them stay comfortable and give it time. I would like to ask Dr. Jeff what supplements he suggests and if there are any sites with home made food recipes. She is still eating, but very little. How much were you quoted for surgery? I’m not sure if it’s an option in our case with a 13 year old dog. Good luck with your dog.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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