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    Hi, Could you please tell me what supplements you recommend for a 12 year old cat with fiv?

    Thanks a lot.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Great question. Every individual needs to be treated differently based on the [url=https://www.homevet.com/component/k2/item/483]common but not normal[/url] symptoms. In general though, immune modulators (not stimulants) like the methyl donors [url=https://www.homevet.com/pet-care-products?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=185&category_id=11&keyword=same]SAMe[/url] and [url=https://www.homevet.com/pet-care-products?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=26&category_id=11&keyword=dmg]DMG[/url] are a good start. Of course optimal diet, exercise and mental stimulation are very important as well. I also advise homeopathic care (even without overt symptoms) for these patients.

    This [url=https://www.homevet.com/pet-care-library/item/389-what-can-i-do-if-my-cat-has-a-serious-viral-infection?]article[/url] might help further.

    Close monitoring by you and your vet is essential in cats with FIV.

    Dr. Jeff


    Thanks for your reply, I’ve already got him on DMG, he’s got gingivitis, I was reading online about giving Transfer Factor Tri Plus the human one? and also GlucaMune?


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Colostrum (transfer factor) and beta glucans (Glucamune) would indeed be great choices to add. Consider also topical gum support with Biotene gel and even better is Biotene mixed with Neem bark (which is also an immune modulator).

    Don’t forget general nutrition (what does he eat?).

    Dr. Jeff


    Thanks for your reply,

    which Transfer Factor do you recommend the Tri Plus or the Classic?
    I’ve been reading this about the Plus one

    “I have a tip about Transfer factor: Use the “Classic”, instead of the “Plus”. The Classic works as a Immune System Modulator, and the Plus increases the immune system too much, and if he has allergies, or gingivitis or stomatitis, common issues in cats with FIV, you can aggravate the problem. You do not want to stimulate the immune system – you want to modulate it. Meaning, you want to optimize it according to the body’s need – up or down…”

    I also have him on interferon orally.

    He also have liver problems, ALT 179 which he is taking Denosyl.

    He’s just started eating natural canned food with no preservatives in, he won’t eat raw.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    I don’t us these colstrum products as The IgG 2000 from Xymogen (available mainly by Rx)is a much bigger bang for your buck.

    Consider adding specific liver support like [url=https://www.homevet.com/pet-care-products?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=77&category_id=11&keyword=hepato]Hepato Support. For SAMe, I use the SAMe caps from Designs For Health.


    Thanks for the reply, Could you please tell me how big the Hepato Support tablets are on your site? Also I’ve seen you can get liquid formula on your site, but has this got a bad taste or anything at all?

    Also whats the maximum amount of SAMe a cat can have? I’ve been using Denosyl 90MG.


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Sorry for the slow reply (too many sick animals out there I guess).

    Please send specific web store questions directly through the contact form at the web store.

    In general, 90-125 mg SAMe is fine (I often use 1/2 cap).

    Also, please realize that supplements are not the same as homeopathy. Take a look at the [url=https://www.homevet.com/how-homeopathy-can-help]homeopathy FAQ [/url]for clarification.


    Thanks for the reply, I’ve purchased the Hepato Support from your site in both formula’s to try anyway.

    Looking back on your post you put ” immune modulators (not stimulants)”

    Could you tell me whats the difference between the 2?

    I read on another forum that Immune System Modulator’s are better then boosters, as boosters can increase the immune system too much and also aggravate FIV cats with gingivitis?


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Exactly! Modulators help normalize immune function whereas stimulants act to increase it (which is not always ideal in FIV).

    Another example is allergic disease where immune function is already over responsive and external triggers (like foods and pollens) can cause problems. It is best to modulate and not boost the immune systems of these patients.

    My favorite method for immune stimulation is through homeopathy. With these treatments the wisdom of the body is best harnessed (IMO).

    Be well.

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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