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    I own a 6 year old german shepherd named “Adela”. She’s a very good dog and like most likes a routine. Last night however she broke tradations and I’m not sure if what is happening is medical or otherwise. Advice and help are what I need.

    Last night Adela waited for me to go to bed while I showered. This is normal. She laid upon her dog bed next to the bed I share with my wife as normal but was panting heavily. It has been very warm in the Mid West where we live and so I assumed that she was hot. After a few momments she gave me a nudge and wanted to go out. While odd, since she had been out 30 minutes before, I put her out and waited for her to do her business. She tried to go to bathroom and then returned to the back door. I assumed ‘false alarm’, brought her back in and returned to bed. With in five minutes of heavy panting she was back, again wanting to go outside. Again I placed her outside and waited, same behavior. Again I let her in and tried to return to bed. Her heavy panting was awful, and within a few momments she tried to awaken my wife. Out we went again, this time she tried to bring me a ball. I haven’t seen her behave this way since she was a pup. I left her alone outside and went and watched out a window. She seemed quite calm while outside, laid down and appeared content. Upon letting her in our home again the behavior continued until I had to lock her in her kennel to keep her from waking the household. This is not like Adela. She loves her bed and does not fuss at bedtime.

    This morning she had a normal morning poop but is still hyper and only calm when placed outside. She eagerly ate some dog treats and has drank water. the momment I let in back in the house she races about and pants like a steam engine.

    I’m scared and I need advice and help. What do you suggest?


    That would scare me, too. I’ve owned dogs for 15 years, and behavior like that is a sign. Although, I had a dog act similarly, but she was going into labor. Any chance she got pregnant without you being aware?

    Otherwise, it could be a urninary infection that makes her feel like she’s gotta go when she doesn’t. I’d get a urine sample, for sure. I know it sounds gross, but she’s your baby.

    Good luck to you. I know how you feel. When you do figure out the problem, maybe you could tell us what it was in case we ever experience the same thing.


    Adela is doing much better. Perhaps we just did too much on a nice day and she was over tired. She has slept every night since that horrible evening without a problem.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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