HELP: Prospect, CT: cat w/ litter box issues needs

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    HELP: Prospect, CT: cat w/ litter box issues needs new home‏

    We have a six year old, indoor, female cat that we cannot get to consistently use her litter box. She knows how to use the litter box and will sometimes use it, but always reverts back to peeing in different places. She likes peeing on mats next to doors, or bath mats, so we’ve eliminated all of our door and bath mats, after thoroughly cleaning them several times. She then moved to peeing on our curtains. We used an enzyme spray in that area, but she just peed right next to where we sprayed that night. She’s had issues in the past pooping outside of her box as well. Once we figure out a solution to her current issue, she just picks a new place to pee or poop, and we are back at square one.


    She was born on March 25, 2010, and I adopted her in July of 2010 from a shelter. She was a wedding present to my wife. There is an eleven year old male cat in the house, and he has lived with my wife since he was a kitten. For the most part, they get along well. They fight every now and then but nothing out of the ordinary. At our first house, there was a small area underneath the stairs leading to the basement that she was unknowingly pooping in. When I found this space, it was filled with her droppings, and she must have been going there for several months. I blocked the space so she could no longer get in there, and that solved that issue. In our next house, she peed on the basement floor, and a couch that we were storing in the basement. She also found another nook behind some boxes and started pooping in that nook. In our current house, she sometimes just poops in the middle of the basement floor, as there are no more nooks she can get into to poop. She pees in her litter box sometimes, other times she pees next to the box, and then other times, she goes in other parts of the house. However, until recently she had always at least peed in the basement, somewhat close to her litterl boxes. As of late, she has started peeing in our main living space, she pees by our front door and by our back door. As stated above, we removed the door mats. We sprayed the area very well to remove any odors. We tried putting her food dishes in that area to discourage peeing in that area. She usually just moves over a bit and will still use that area to pee. She tends to pee in these areas only at night.

    We’ve tried:

    1)Using 3 litter boxes as recommended by the vet.
    2)Using 3 different types of litter.
    3)Using enzyme spray in the areas she typically uses.
    4)Cleaning the boxes daily and sometimes twice a day.

    Unfortunately, we have small children, and one is a 10 month old crawler. We have serious health concerns over the peeing in the house, because of our children, particulary the 10 month old. We have been battling this issue for the longest time, and are at our wits end, and there does not appear to be a solution in sight. We’ve had blood work done, and everything has come back normal. The vet says this is a behavioral issue. My very best guess is that it has something to do with our male cat?

    We are looking to surrender the cat if at all possible, as there has to be a better place for this cat to live because this arrangement is not working, and not healthy. The cat is extremely friendly and does not have any other behavior issues. She is a lap cat and likes attention. Can you please have someone contact me to discuss our options?

    Ryan Amorosino
    28 Giovanni Dr
    Prospect, CT 06712

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