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    Last Friday evening a small rescue puppy was bitten by one of my older dogs, on the head. There was not much bleeding, but I’m positive it gave the pup a concussion, at the least, a puncture through the skull, at the most. The puppy was lethargic for over 24 hours. I made sure to keep her hydrated by giving her 1-2 cc’s of pedialyte every hour. On Saturday I started giving her a 1/2 cc of Pen G, twice a day, on the advice of a vet over the phone. She weighs @ 5 pounds. There was some improvement by Saturday night. She was staying awake for longer periods. By Sunday morning she was wanting food. I started with small amounts. She continued to improve….until Monday night, when she started have seizures. I cannot afford a vet, except if she needs to be put to sleep. I would insist my husband allow me to give her that. But I’m not ready to give up on this puppy. Is there any hope for her? Is there anything I can do for her at home, or does this absolutely necessitate a visit to a vet? If I can convince my husband to allow me to take her to the vet, what can I expect, as far as treatment, when I get there?

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=phtm35] rescue puppy was bitten by one of my older dogs, on the head. , when she started have seizures. Is there anything I can do for her at home, [/quote]

    What was her immediate reaction to the bite (severe crying with pain, shock, no reaction at all, etc.)? What are the other symptoms since the bite? Is the pup now normal in every way except when she seizes? What about preferring to lie in one place vs. moving from spot to spot? Eating, drinking, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, sneezing? Preferring to be with you or by herself? How long are the seizures, when do they occur and what are they like?

    The reason I ask all of these questions is because you can often use homeopathic remedies quite successfully in a situation like this (Arnica, Hypericum, Aconite, etc.) by individualizing the remedy to the body’s response to the trauma. Results depend of course on the degree of tissue damage.

    Regardless, a vet visit just for examination would be a great idea in lieu of or in addition to homeopathic treatment. Pups have an amazing healing capacity…

    Good luck.

    Dr. Jeff


    Her immediate reaction to the bite was severe crying with pain. I suspect she was in shock, so did not put ice on the wound, instead wrapping her in a warm towel out of the dryer. The crying lasted about 5 minutes.

    Other symptoms since the bite: For the first 24 hours she wouldn’t keep her eyes open and prefered to sleep. She has a hematoma at the wound site. At this time she sleeps often, but has wakeful periods as well. She is wobbly when she stands. When she eats, she seems to have to search for the food by smell instead of sight, although I’m pretty sure she can see, as she looks at me and wags her tail when I enter the room. Otherwise, when she’s lying down, she seems normal. She’s eating normally, but hasn’t offered to drink on her own. This could be due to the fact that I’m still giving her fluids via syringe at regular intervals. She vomited once on Friday night, about 6 hours after the bite, but not since. There was no diarrhea, no coughing, no sneezing.

    She doesn’t seem to have a preference for company, although she seems happy to see me. She doesn’t cry when left alone, and is content when I hold her. Right after the accident I confined her to a large box with a dog bed in it. On Sunday, she let me know that she’d prefer to deficate in another location other than her bed, so I moved her to the bathtub with a dog bed at one end. She would potty at one end, and then return to the bed. I have other dogs that I’ve rescued, in the house, so wanted to keep her in an isolated environment.

    I have a poodle with epilepsy, and had seen seizures associated with anti-freeze poisoning when I worked with a vet, so I caught the incidence of seizures pretty quick. Her seizures aren’t as severe as the ones I’ve seen with the poisoning. They’re more like the epileptic seizures. The body tenses, the head goes to one side. Sometimes there is a chewing motion with salivating, sometimes not. When she’s done seizing she lies down and goes back to sleep. The shortest time between seizures has been 2 minutes, the longest has been an hour.



    I forgot to mention, that since she started the seizures, I’ve put her back in the box, padding it, to prevent injury during the seizures.



    The pup had her last seizure at 8:17 this morning, and hasn’t had one since. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this is the last of it. She seems to be moving better than she has since the biting incident took place, making improvement daily (except for this one set back). Her appetite is good and she’s getting more active. Just wanted to let you know.


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