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    Here’s her story.
    Tortishell calico, part siamese & tabby??

    Indoor cat, has been lazy her entire life, sleeps all day (typical cat). Always friendly towards Dh & I, she especially loves Dh. Both cats have puked regularly for years. We were never sure if it was one or the other, but then we would see each of them puke. Never really knew if one was doing it more than the other. Majority of the time it was un-digested food, we just figured it was them eating too fast or too much at once. They have access to their food and water all day.

    Currently, good appetite, litter box is good, drinking is good, coat & eyes good, etc. She’s happy and actually seems like she’s becoming more social.

    A few months ago we switched to premium catfood (Evo). It dropped the frequency of puking down considerably, now its a once a week occurance (that I know of). Both cats are doing well. I really haven’t noticed many changes except for the decrease in puking, a bit of weight loss, and the two of them becoming more social. BOTH cats were chubby so it wasn’t much concern to see them both dropping a bit of weight slowly. But now that its been few months, Eleven seems like she’s getting VERY skinny. Her sister seems to have dropped some weight but is now maintaining. Eleven seems like she’s continuing to drop. And has reached a point that seems like she’s losing too much weight. Dh has even noticed (he notices nothing). She is the happiest, healthiest, extremely skinny cat that I have ever seen.

    I can’t figure out what’s going on. She’s happy (but way skinny).

    She’s around 11yrs old.

    I’ve done a bit of looking on the web, and the 2 things that come up are diabetes & thyroid. She doesn’t really fit any of the descriptions of symptoms though. A few weeks ago I noticed she had a ‘waistline’ (like she’s supposed to have), but now she’s thinned out much more, which is why I’m concerned. But the rest of her just seems so healthy & happy, I’m very confused.

    Any ideas and help would be appreciated.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Any ideas and help would be appreciated.

    Yours are good. Hyperthyroidism is most likely. Have a full panel and urinalysis run however. Make sure that it includes a t4 and free t4.

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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