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    I have a Siberian kitten at 5 months, and she sometimes does some sort of a hacking or funny breathing that is hard to explain. Almost like a mild choking, where she breathes in short shallow breaths like she is trying to bring something up. At times she only does the funny breathing. She has been caught before eating toilet paper, and we have gone to great lengths to prevent this. She grooms quite a bit, and I am wondering if its excess hair or some other things she ate that is not digesting, and causing this. She only does it every once and a while. We feed her very well, only wet food from companies like Ziwi Peak, and by Nature 95% varieties. I have heard you can give them papaya enzymes, but I did not know this for sure. I have a pure green papaya powder I could mix in her foods if it would be beneficial. What do you think? Could there be another issue I am not aware of?

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Thanks for your question. Yes, this is very possibly from some sort of throat irritation. Trying to clear hair, dust or other debris in her throat can sound like this.

    Although less common at this young age, this may also be a feline asthma type of cough. I wonder if there are any smokers in the house? Also, do you use dust-free cat litter? Is there any predictability to when or where this happens? Is the frequency or severity increasing?

    A vet visit to evaluate this cough/choke/wheeze is in order. I’d also advise recording this respiratory noise. Does she have any other respiratory symptoms like sneezing, eye or nose discharge?

    I use papaya routinely for helping dissolve hairballs, but best to not cover up this symptom until it is properly evaluated.

    Dr. Jeff


    Hi Dr Jeff, thank you for your response. We have a smoke free house, but our litter does have some dust. I use a pure clay litter, two different types; one which clumps very well, and one that does not which I mix. They both claim to be completely natural. What brand or type do you recommend?

    The frequency has actually lessened, and since writing this it has not happened at all. She does sneeze once and a while, but it seems only when she goes in areas that are hard to clean and she encounters dust.

    I will take your advice and try to record her sounds. As well, I have found a vet in the area which is holistic and tries to treat the causes like you do, so I will take her in for a visit soon.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman


    Dr. Jeff


    Oh yes it is the symptoms for hairball. Thanks Dr. Jeff for sharing the good source here for us.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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