Frequent Urinary Obstructions

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    My husband and I have a Maltese that is about nine months old. We bought him when he was around 12 weeks or so. After two weeks of having him, he began to have urinary problems – at first we didn’t know – he would exhibit weird symptoms. When he would become obstructed and his bladder would be full, he would make this weird slurping sound and tilt his head back and get into this strange crouching stance – like a cat – where he would arch his back. This is when he first started having problems. We took him to the vet and he pulled out over 75cc of urine. It has happened a few more times since then (and we’ve changed vets as well). X-rays were done and showed no signs of kidney stones (that was what we thought was to blame for the obstructions). Since then, the new vet decided that is was time to do a urithostomy. We have been cathing him at home ourselves (my husband and I are both in the medical profession), using aseptic technique. Urithostomy was performed and within a week he was obstructed again. The surgery was done about two months ago and for the past two weeks we have been having to cath him about once a day. He usually does fine during the day, but about nighttime, he needs to be cathed again. The past few days we’ve had to start cathing him in the afternoon. His food has been changed – he is being fed CD, we’ve been instructed to salt his food to try to increase the amount of water he drinks, he is drinking distilled water, and takes 1/2 of a urinary acidifier three times a day. When we cath him sometimes we have pulled out what appeard to be oscillate stones/crystals(?) which are different from what he was forming originally. His urine pH has been about 5, and no crystals are visible under the microscope. I’m sorry this is so long, but I just feel helpless! We absolutely adore our little puppy, Stoli!! Our vet is stumped and not real sure why he is getting obstructed all the time. He’s also been put on Bactrim, suspecting that this may be a UTI. Any ideas on what his problem may be? Or any solutions? Ever heard of such problems before? Or did we just get a lemon for a dog? He’s in good spirits whenever he’s not obstructed – he’s a very hyper and fun puppy, always active, playing with our other dog, a shih tzu. When he is obstructed, he sleeps all day. I’m just looking for ideas, suggestions, anything!! Please help!

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=SaveStoli] I’m just looking for ideas, suggestions, anything!! Please help![/quote]

    This sounds like a problem with the tone of the muscle controlling urine outflow. Diagnostically, both contrast (with dye) studies and direct visualization (via cystoscopy) can be done.

    In my practice I treat these patients like any other that has a dynamic (energetic and functional) disease. Constitutional homeopathic care.

    Dr. Jeff

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