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    My 11 yr. old male continues to show symptoms of FLUTD. He is having bloodwork done at the vet tomorrow morning. They want to put him on Amiryl (sp?) to maintain the proper PH level since he will not consistenly eat the UR foods and I have 2 other cats in the same household making separate foods impossible. I would rather use natural products to do this. And once his PH is okay I am going to practice natural maintenance also. Does anyone else have a similar situation and what are you giving your cat? Thanks. Sharon


    Hi, Sharron

    I came across your request about what to feed your kitty who is suffering from FLUTD. I was busy doing some research on the topic myself, to learn more and to understand what my kitty is going through.

    About two / three weeks ago I had to rush my 10 month old male kitty to the vet as i sensed something was not right with him. He is a very active cat and he slept for 13 hours start as well as never touched his food for 24 hours.

    His doctor told me he had FLUTD which is caused from a high magnesium content in their food. He continued to advise me to feed him Hills Prescribtion Diet c/d which is low in magnesium.

    He has been eating the dry food since he came back from the vet and he is back to his normal self.

    I also bought him the canned food in this formula but he refuses to eat it, he prefers the dry food alone.

    I hope you come right and i know how you feel. I got a big fright of my life when i was informed of his condition.

    All the way from South Africa,

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=Dominique]He has been eating the dry food since he came back from the vet[/quote]

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience Dominique. I am realy glad that your cat is doing better.

    In my opinion however, as well as that of every veterinary university researcher that I know, dry food is not the best way to feed any cat who is predisposed to FLUTD. Please read the articles on this topic in my pet care library.

    Dr. Jeff


    [quote=Dominique]Hi, Sharron[/quote]

    So this is what you meant by saying “Sharron”?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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