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    I have an 11 year old male shih tzu. For the past few years his left eye has not been as wide open as his right one. It’s only noticable when he first wakes up or in photos. It does not bother him at all. We recently rescued a very dominent Lhasa Apso, and my Tzu is not taking his change in status very well, I’d say he’s pretty stressed (we have 3 dogs). Lately, the white of his left eye is constantly red. I give him Euphrasia Off. 30CH, and it clears right up, but a couple of days later it goes right back to being red. This morning it was red, I gave him a dose of the remedy, it was fine in less than half an hour, but now it is back to red again. He also has a great taste for newspaper, and last week he pulled the toilet paper off the roll and ate a bunch of it…..has never done that before, but the newspapers are not left where he can get to them anymore. My naturopath says he has stomach troubles, and ‘fire’ in his belly, which was treated with vit. B2, and some herbs. My vet said it was not fire, he would show other symptoms.

    I had him at the vet for another problem a month ago, and she asked what I was doing for his eye, I told her, and she didn’t seem too concered, with either the problem, or the remedy I was using. I have used Euphrasia for years for any and all eye problems with my dogs, with great success, until now. I know my oldest is having a real hard time with our new dog (who is 3) and I have to support the dominant dog. I have used a few different Bach remedies to try and make the transition easier for him, and I’m really worried about him. Any information would be so appreciated. Thank you!


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=Jerri]Any information would be so appreciated.[/quote]

    Euphrasia is a great choice for many acute eye problems. It frequently does not reach to the root of the problem in chronic situations however. To find the best remedies to use to eliminate the problems once and for all you will likely need to look at the *overall* clinical situation.

    For example, the recent symptom of eating paper is likely a clue given by his body about which group of remedies would be useful, i.e. those that crave indigestibles. You also imply other problems/symptoms. They will also need to be considered when taking a complete case (which is what will need to be done to help the most).

    I’d love to continue the discussion about the homeopathic method but weshould have it in my homeopathy folder.

    Good luck.

    Dr. Jeff


    I’d love to continue the discussion about the homeopathic method but weshould have it in my homeopathy folder.

    Good luck.

    Dr. Jeff[/quote]

    Thank you for your reply…..I’m moving over to the homeopathy folder right now!

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