early kidney failure?

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    My vet indicated that my 9yo dog may have the above, will be seeing a specialist on Monday. His albumin is low 2.1 and his urine tested high for protein 6.0 with creatinine 213.1 in 100-500 ref range and total protein 1287.7 in ref range 10-50. He is epileptic and on anti-convulsants including Kbr which I know is processed thru the kidneys. My other worry is that two years in a row he tested strong positive on SNAP test for lyme. I was pleasantly surprised when our neuro said not to treat him as most people in NE would show positive. However no other tests were recommended and now I am beside myself with fear that its lyme disease so I requested a C6 but will not have results for another week. His urine showed no infection but have been advised by someone that I should insist on urine culture and sensitivity test? (urine is collected using sterile method and sent out to a lab?). Also how about Lepto or would he show some symtpoms? Other than epilepsy he has been wonderfully healthy with no other problems maybe because I feed homemade, mostly raw diet. As he is losing protein I presume I should feed him more protein at least for now and if so how much of his approx 1 1/2 lbs daily food should it be? I read that I will have to lower phosphorus so will have to eliminate meaty bones. Also keep reading not to use grains so I am overwhelmed with worry what to do. Seems to me that this would be one time a vegetarian diet rice/legumes/veg would come in handy if low protein/low phosphorus is required? I hope you can help me, he is 9yo and suffered epilepsy since 4yo and a difficult case being a herding dog. Thank you for any help.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=anneh]As he is losing protein I presume I should feed him more protein Also keep reading not to use grains so I am overwhelmed with worry what to do.[/quote]

    Hi Anneh-

    First of all, it is very important not to feel overwhelmed. Although proper holistic management of this disease may seem daunting at first, an experienced veterinary homeopath will definitely be able to guide you.

    You are right that protein, specifically albumin, loss through the kidneys is a major concern and that balancing correct diet is essential. Although restricting protein may be useful in end-stage kidney disease, it is not something I recommend. I manage many, many case of glomerulonephritis +/- Lyme and one of the keys is maintaining a high quality diet. Meaty bones are still great as are other meats even though they contain phosphorus. It is the [b]quality[/b] of the protein that is most important not so much the quantity or phosphorus content.

    Every case is different however so I urge you to start working with an experienced holistic (preferably homeopathically trained) veterinarian.

    Other useful adjuncts include fish oils, trace minerals, renal glandulars, Coenzyme Q-10, etc. They can all be found in my supplement section at

    Good luck.

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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