E-coli in dog

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    This is long, I apoligize ahead of time. I have a 5 year old GSD who is 3 weeks preg, neg for Bruc before breeding, so was sire. She is fed an all natural diet,not vaccinated and has been doing very well. About 2 and half weeks from her ovulation date, she had a bit of discharge. It was Dark red,
    almost brown, like the tail end of a period. Not alot, just some stains on her bed. I called her holistic vet and left a message, and also called the conventional vet Im using for breeding. (tests, etc.. but not meds) Her holistic vet said, not to worry, if no odor, no temp etc. she doesnt sound like
    its a problem, but since Im bringing her in to the other vet to have a look
    over, do a culture. So I did, and a CBC panel. I left, and he wanted
    me to start her on antibiotics, and I said I would follow the advice
    from my regular vet, but would let her know what he suggests . No
    problem. Her panel was fine, her CBC said low hemitocrat (spelling,
    sorry) and low red blood count. BUT, white was fine. Reg vet said up
    her VIt B, and feed more liver. A few days later, culture came back and said
    positive for e-coli and strep. This was SAturday, test was done on
    Tuesday. Well, by Saturday, that discharge had stopped, and had been
    gone since almost the day after she had been cultured. I added
    acidopholis (sp again) and ABC’s pro-bi (pro-biotic) to her diet once I came home from the vet on the first day. She never had a
    temp, no smell, and no color. So, her reg vet said on that SAturday,
    that if no color, smell, discharge etc.. She would not recommend me
    to use antibiotics, and to re-test her in a week. Of course I am
    worried for the dog, and the pups, but she has no symptoms what so
    ever. This may be a long shot, but has anyone ever had this happen?
    Any thoughts from anyone are welcome.It will be one week tommorow from the culture, would you re-do the test? Or no, since not a single symptom. And if I do it again, and positive then what? Get another opinion from another natural care vet?
    Thanks for reading, sorry so long. -Heather
    Forgot to add, this was a vaginal culture, in case someone thought otherwise.


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=hwatsonsalo] this was a vaginal culture,[/quote]

    I didn’t read anything in your description that would concern me. The vaginal vault can have bacteria in it normally (that’s why we need to do sterile urine cultures by catheterization or cystocentesis). I believe E.coli is a common contaminant of vaginal cultures.

    Dr. Jeff

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