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    Hi! My dog has started something new. I can’t figure out a pattern, but out of nowhere he’ll start drooling from the left side of his mouth. It’s as if his mouth were a faucet left on drip. If he stands over a bowl, he’ll fill it up in 20 minutes. He gets very anxious and follows me around as if begging me to help him. I’ve been giving him 50mg of benadryl. Sometimes, it will make him go to sleep within 20 minutes. He’ll wake up an hour or so later and be fine. Other times the benadryl has no effect, and the drooling will last for hours until he goes to sleep on his own. When he wakes up, he’s okay.

    His vet checked him out, and couldn’t find a problem in his mouth or any where else that might cause this.

    He does have severe food allergies. He’s now 10, and I’ve known about the allergies since he was 3. His food allergies are under control, I believe. About 8 months ago, he had his first seizure. The vet couldn’t explain why, and put him on phenobarbitol. He got really drunk, so I took him off. Weeks later he had another seizure. So we put him on potassium bromide. He’s been on it about 6 months, and he’s doing great…except for the drooling episodes.

    I’m thinking there may be an environmental allergy going on. It seems to occur when he’s been in the backyard…but not every time he goes out back. It also seems to occur while I’m doing laundry, or if he’s laying on something freshly laundered. But not all the time…some freshly laundered blankets don’t bother him at all.

    What do you think?

    Dr. Jeff Feinman


    What do you think?[/quote]

    My off the cuff opinion is that the excessive salivation is either a result of nausea (often associated with a motility disorder) or “bromalism” (reaction to the KBr which you use tp prevent seizures).

    I would work with diet (especially with the food allergy history) and homeopathy to appropriately resolve (not palliate) this symptom.

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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