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    Hello, Im new to the group. I am an avid raw feeder, use a homeopath vet and a chiropractor for the dogs who uses muscle testing, and homeopathics. I have many animals. So that I dont hijack my own thread with what types, ages etc.. , I will post my concern with one of my dogs. She is a 4 year old G. Shepherd, who I bought almost 9 months ago. She was imported a little over a year ago to the states. Im in Mass. From day one, she head shook. The breeder/seller said she got water in them when she bathed her that day, so she should stop in a day shaking her head. Well, that should have been a red flag for me. But loving the dog, left with her. I fed raw when I got her, I feed Omas Pride. She gets a big variety, also gets a supplement called Canine Complete from The Wholistic Pet. She has not much improvements in the time I have had her. Her feet are off and on swollen, she has no hair on the toes, she has lots of waxy, brown crud in the ears. Her ears are also swollen, and red inside. I clean them with green tea, and use mullen oil after. I have even used Hylands ear drops. I have B-12 aquapuncture done on her every couple of weeks, and *sometimes* I think IM seeing a bit of help. I have used some homeopaths, and just recently Belladona. I recently started to add some Vit-C, the one that is easier on the tummy, and also some oatmeal to her diet. Organic, and soaked. Her diet consists or lamb, chicken, beef, trky, all with veggie and bones. Pureed, pre-mixed. Some days its exotic meat. ( mainly though its the chicken or trky mixes)ALso I give some fresh fruit, yogurt and fresh veggies. I have really thought about enviromental, and cant seem to find anything that would cause it. I am now considering the Dr. Harveys with just LAmb, and the supplements she is on now. I am getting very frustrated, and just cant seem to get a handle on this. She has a Rabies exemption, vet said after doing the titer, her levels were 20 times the recommended antibodies. The vet says she is discharging, detoxing etc.. But, geesh, does it really take this long? I have not had any probpems like this before, and I have had good luck with all 6 of my dogs. Her ears bother me the most. She shakes and shakes. Sorry for such a long post,any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Heather

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=hwatsonsalo]She shakes and shakes. Sorry for such a long post,any suggestions?[/quote]

    Hi Heather-

    You might want to consider a gluten-free diet for your allergic dog. Although avoidance of allergic triggers is a form of palliation (covering up the symptom) it may be necessary if your dog is very, very uncomfortable. Avoid anything with wheat, barley, bran, spelt or rye (this Dr. Harveys Veg To Bowl is OK but not Canine Health). A totally grain free diet would help even more.

    Homeopathic treatment of ear infections (or any other “local lesion”) can be problematic when no other symptoms can be found by your vet homeopath. The good news is that in time, with proper diet and support, your dog’s Vital Force (chi, prana, whatever you call it) will strengthen allowing new symptoms to manifest. These will then help guide to a new homeopathic remedy.

    I also suggest that you avoid injection into acupuncture points or vitamins/supplements that could be modify subtle symptoms. If your dog gets very uncomfortable, try Rescue Remedy drops (repeated until effect). Benadryl and Ascriptin can also be given before bed if nothing else is helping. Of course this will make assessment of a recently given homeopathic remedy more difficult, so you should talk to your vet homeopath before doing this.

    I know from personal experience with my Poodle how difficult it can be to live with the dog with chronic ear “infections” (they usually aren’t infections). Poor Coqui has had problems off and on for over a year. However, while his occasional ear inflammations are being treated with homeopathy, he is also finally coming into his own cognitively and emotionally (he is 10).

    This is a general rule of [i]curative[/i] homeopathic treatment. While the presenting complaint, e.g. a skin growth, ear “infection”, etc. may persist, the dog is healthier overall. This leads to a better quality and longer life.

    What more could you ask?

    Dr. Jeff

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