Dog not eating after tooth extraction

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    We took my lab in to have a cracked tooth extracted a week ago (23rd) and she is still not eating. We checked the tooth site and there is no redness or swelling, it is not painful to the touch, and their isn’t any odor that would indicate an infection (also on anti-biotics).
    We have tryed soft food, rice, and chicken but she refuses to eat. When she approaches her food bowl her legs start to shake and she won’t eat from it. We tryed a new dog bowl in case she is now afraid of this one but that didn’t work. We are currently feeding her by hand but she will not chew only gum the food so not all of it goes down. We are worried that she is not getting enough nutrients and wondering if she will ever eat!

    Please help!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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