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    Hi there,
    I’ve read your pet food information, and I’m now concerned about the food I feed my Dogs. I thought I’d picked a premium brand. I would like very much to know what your opinion is of the Nutro products. Specifically, Nutro Natural Senior formula, and Nutro Ultra puppy formula.

    Thank you in advance for your respected advice.
    Jennifer Pirie

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=Hamish’s Mum] I would like very much to know what your opinion is of the Nutro products. [/quote]

    Hi Jennifer-

    Nutro was one of the first companies to make a “healthier” commercial food. They ostensibly use higher quality ingredients and theoretically use better (but not human grade) ingredients. I haven’t looked at their formulations recently but I believe that most of them are still full of fillers (corn, wheat, soy, etc.)

    In my opinion there are now better commercial foods on the market (Precise, Petguard, Wysong, etc.) though frankly they are all inferior to fresh and fresh-frozen food (like Bravo). If you really want to optimize health through diet then you should be feeding (and eating) the freshest (preferably organic) and least processed food possible. That excludes fast food for people and kibble/canned food for pets.

    If you must use a food in a bag then the Wysong Archetype is the best there is IMHO. It is freeze-dried, minimally processed pure meat (or meat with veggies). Unfortunately if you have big dogs it can also get very expensive when fed as the sole component of the diet. Try integrating it with a fresh food diet based on what you have in the house at the time.

    I strongly advise viewing the Eat, Drink and Wag Your Tail DVD for more intro info about the best way to feed your dogs, I have a few short video clips of the DVD which I will gladly send you if you don’t mind long downloads.

    You will definitely see an improvement in your dog’s coats, energy, attitudes, etc. when you start upgrading their diets.

    Good luck.



    If you want to compare dry foods for Senior and Puppy then I would look at these two.

    INNOVA Puppy, Adult, Senior by Natura Pet Products – http::/www.naturapet.com

    CANIDAE makes 2 formulas – All Life Stage – for Puppies through Senior depending on the dog. Their Platinum formula for overweight and some senior breeds. [url]http://www.canidae.com[/url]

    I have used both these foods for many years. For the last 7 years I have used CANIDAE. My 13 yr. old Aussie is on 50/50 mix of both Adult All Life Stage & Platinum formula as it helps her keep good weight and great coat.

    CANIDAE is more affordable than INNOVA by far. Available in 40# bag for about $30 US dollars. Canidae uses human grade ingredients, 4 different high quality meat proteins, only rice for the grain source and excellent ingredients for healthy skin and coat.

    When you compare CANIDAE to Nutro there is NO comparison.

    IN MY OPINION of course.

    MikeB The Dog Trainer in California

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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