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    My dog was tested for allergies and the vet told me she has food allergies. Now she is eating food that she hates and she is still scratching herself. What should i do next?


    What are you feeding your dog? Have you tried a fresh, raw diet?


    I am feeding her Purina dry food called Ha


    I would suggest a raw/fresh diet.

    Dogs have allergies just like humans and most of the allergies are from gluten based foods. Commercial dog foods are loaded with it and dry food is basically nothing but gluten. Think of eating crackers for every meal. Not to mention all the additives put into animal and people food to “keep it fresh”. Most humans and animals are allergic to these which can cause respitory problems, digestive problems and cause weight gain.

    Try taking your dog off all gluten products and feeding a fresh/raw diet. This means anything that you eat. Leftovers – meat and veggies? Give them to the dog!

    When I was little we had a dog that never in his entire 17 years ate canned or commercial dog food. He had a beautiful coat, never had drippy eyes, ear infections, hot spots, bad breath or bad teeth. He was a puppy til the day he passed. He was active and playful and full of life. It also helped that he only had one round of vaccines his entire life.

    I would highly suggest you find a veterinary homeopath and have a complete workup done to help maximize your dog’s health.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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