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    My four month old chihuahua puppy has started to act strange the last two days. Today and yesterday at around 5pm she got extremely dizzy. She couldn’t even walk a straight line or even keep her balance. Her eyes were red as well as her nose being dry. After losing her balance, she gets very lethargic which is unusual for her. What is wrong w/ her? Is is just vertigo?? What can I do to help her? :confused:

    any help will be greatly appreciated.

    thank you


    I just registered to repsond to this post…..Chihuahua puppies can have a life threatening condition called low blood sugar. It’s a shame no one has answered this post….Call your vet right away and carry a small bottle of Karo syrup, or honey with you at all times…….Google ‘low blood sugar’ in Chihuahua puppies to get information.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=princess_deidre]Today and yesterday at around 5pm she got extremely dizzy. [/quote]

    I agree that low blood sugar, especially if 5 pm is before dinner, is a possibility. There are however many others such as liver diseases like shunts which are common in this breed (especially pups).

    A proper ([b]low[/b] simple sugar and minimally processed) diet will help a lot. Tho Karo syrup (or similar) is OK during very acute episodes, it should not be used routinely as it can aggravate the condition in the long run.

    I’m sure that by now you have had a visit to your vet and have more info that you can share with us. I also urge you to seek nutritional and homeopathic counseling either with your local (or another properly trained) vet.

    Good luck!

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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