diahrea in male cat 3 yrs. old

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    My cousin has 3 cats from the same litter all 3 yrs. old. the male cat has diahrea and the vet put him on depro-previra (sp?) he gets a shot each month. Any thoughts on this? also any ideas on this diahrea problem?

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=sharon]male cat has diahrea and the vet put him on depro-previra (sp?) he gets a shot each month.[/quote]

    It is hard for me to comment as Depo Provera is a hormone treatment and not typically used for diarrhea. Has a fecal flotation for internal parasites been done? Exactly what is the diarrhea like (water, pudding, accidents out of the box/frequency, etc.)? What is the cat eating and what has been tried so far?


    The 2 females had allergies, major lower body fur loss. Teh vet put them all (2 females and one male on Euk Chicken and Rice kibble; the male developed a urinary tract infection; then they were put on CD and he developed diahrea (consistency of the stool is that of pudding); the vet changed kibble to Euk. Low Residue and gave the male cat one shot of depro; a month later he got diahrea again so he got another shot. Since the diahrea came back my cousin mixed Euk. and CD 50/50 parts and no diahrea. And now allergies are coming back in the females but the male does not have diahrea. Personally I do not think cats should be eating kibble. However, vets seem to think it’s great.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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