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    My dog is 12 years old, and was diagnosed with diabetes in 2002 after being on the raw diet. I did not know that I shouldn’t feed raw lamb chops to him (he had been on raw food for 8 months successfully – raw chicken andbones, beef, veggies). He developed pancreatitis and then I was told he was diabetic immediately after 3 weeks on antibiotics. I couldn’t fathom this as he was perfectly healthy before the pancreatitis. I am living with horrible guilt about feeding him raw.

    I was told he only had about a year or two to live. He was put on horrible W/D and lost weight and went hypoglycemic as the vet at the time did not reduce his insulin dosage. I searched high and low for a good diet and tried the Strombeck diet (potatoes, eggs, chicken and veggies) and he went down to 9lbs and was fading fast. His cataracts got significantly worse, as did his PU/PD….increases in insulin did not help…he was somogyian. It wasn’t until almost 6 mos. later that he had an acth stim test which indicated high sex hormones and elevated cortisol levels, that we got some relief. Against my wishes, he was put on lysodren (I tried to get trilostane but it wasn’t possible at the time except to go through England). The lysodren helped significantly. He had a cat scan to determine if he had a macroadenoma in his pituitary (it was determined he had PCD not adrenal) as the lysodren would make that worse. NOthing showed in the scan indicating it could be a microadenoma since the pituitary is so small.

    He also had bladder stones which, knock wood, weren’t bothering him. So determined not to feed W/D or Strombeck, my options were homecooking again with a different diet or go back to Wysong. I began feeding him the little one the archetype burgers and he resumed life with a zest….however, to this day (2 years later) he is still highly unregulated with his diabetes and his cortisol has increased so the mitotane must always be adjusted regularly.
    His cataracts have led to blindness…he’s on indomethicin drops, and in diapers for the amount of urine output. It’s frustrating as I haven’t been on vacation in over 15 years caretaking him and other family members….I’m petrified of leaving him anywhere as no one would have the patience to care for the little bugger.

    He is now dealing with high blood pressure and is on an arsenal of meds: novasc 2.5mg/day, enalapril 3mg/2x/day, 5mg aspirin/2x/week/ and metropolol (sp) daily….ugh. I supplement with alphabetic (which amazingly has helped! it’s a supplement containing vanadium, ala, and chromium as well as a multivitamin). He had been getting chromium, ala, and co-Q10 individually, however, I noticed a significant decrease in urination and drinking since starting the vitamins.

    Concurrent diabetes and cushing’s is difficult diet-wise as what is good for one, is not good for the other – one is high purine, the other low, high fiber and low….extremely difficult!

    Up to this point, the vets (he’s treated by board certified vets who specialize in the 2 diseases but NOT in diets or supplements/homeopathy), have recommended against dentals…which to me, is incorrect. Healthy gums = healthy bloodstream and heart. However, to qualify, because his diabetes is unregulated, they felt he would not be a good candidate for anesthesia. He could have a short acting drug, but he can’t be under long. The only dental vet they know keeps the dogs under long. My dog definitely needs a dental, because his bottom gums are so red and swollen they are covering his teeth – not good for him, or his heart. Also, he is on indomethicin for his eyes (he obviously cannot take anything containing steroids) but without them, he gets cherry eye so I wanted to do cataract surgery but i’m up against the same anesthesia risks. I tried a product called Bright Eyes out of Switzerland which was supposed to break down the substance that causes cataracts, but it didn’t work….only made him hate me for putting them in (they contain alcohol which stings)….

    He is the most wonderful goodnatured little guy, and worth all the care in the world…..I did have a metabolic workup on him and was told he’d need dozens of supplements…i bought them, administered them, but he returned them to me via severe vomiting……too much all at once so I gave up…and just use the basics as mentioned above.

    I’d like your thoughts on dentals and possible referrals for NY or CT area and if anyone knows of a “nurse and nanny” type that takes care of special needs dogs so I could get a bit of a breather and go on vacation with my 11 year old daughter, that would be great. I did try taking my dog (and his bichon sister of 5) away with us once but they yelped all day in the room…..it’s so funny to see a grown dog in diapers barking his fool head off…..so vacation became “stay in the room with rover”…….not fun…

    Thanks for your time and a fantastic website chock full of goodies!

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