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    Hi there everyone. I’m actually a Vet Tech (who used to work for a holistically inclined practice and now works at a “regular” practice.) I’m hoping someone has an answer for me here:

    I have a 2 year old Boston Terrier with recurring Demodex. He is a rescue (i acquired him about 8 months ago) and as far as i know he’s had it since he was 4 months old or so, to the point where most of his hair fell out. He had most of his hair back by the time i got him, and between October 05 and February 06, he was being treated with oral Ivomec (0.6 ml SID) and Oxydex baths twice weekly. He responded well, and after 3 negative skin scrapes we weaned him off of the Ivomec and finally stopped giving it.

    Now, he is starting to lose his fur again. We scraped him yesterday (6/19) and he has mites again, so we restarted the Ivomec and Oxydex baths. Being as I’m curious, we also ran labwork (superchem/cbc/T4/UA) and everything came back normal. I can understand the demodex coming out in his previous life – the previous owners didn’t offer the best care or best food. Now he has a pretty good life- two people that care for him, he comes to work with me almost every day and has canine friends, he gets fed better food (Nutro Natural Choice Chix/rice/oatmeal- i know it’s not raw or organic but let’s face it, I’m a Vet Tech, i’m Poor!) He has a good life and has no obvious underlying conditions.

    Basically, i was wondering if there are any good supplements/herbs/remedies that will help him. I’m sure he could use some immunity boosting, if nothing else. Some suggestions would be appreciated! I don’t want to just buy something blindly only to find out it’s not-that-great.

    Thanks a lot! I appreciate it!


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=xdogladyx] i was wondering if there are any good supplements/herbs/remedies that will help him. I’m sure he could use some immunity boosting, if nothing else.[/quote]

    Hi Steph. Great question!

    As I’m sure you know, this type of recurrent demodex is almost always associated with an underlying immne deficiency. You are very wise to pursue a more holistic approach at this point rather than waiting until more serious problems arise.

    That being said, although his lifestyle is far superior to what it had been, he could use more fresh foods and less grains/fillers (which make up at least 50% of all kibble). Stick with human quality meats which you can buy on sale at your local grocery store (usually quite affordable).

    There are A LOT of immune boosting supplements. You can see some of them in the immune stimulation area of my online pharmacy. Go to

    The most cost effective way of treating the underlying problem however is good nutrition together with homeopathic treatment. Read more in my natural pet care area [url]https://www.homevet.com/petcare/pet_natural.html[/url] about homeopathy.

    Dr. Jeff


    Thanks a lot Dr. Jeff!

    I am going to pick up one of the supplements soon! Thanks for having some of your favorites picked out already, because it’s nice to have some guidance. Nowadays every joe schmoe can put out a supplement and say it works… not all of them are good!

    It just makes sense to me to treat whatever else is out of balance with his body. Something has got to be out of whack for the overgrowth of mites to happen in the first place. It’s like, If i’m prone to stomach problems, i can gobble down antacids all the time, or i can see a naturopath (which i did) and figure out whats really causing the problem, make a couple of simple diet changes and lifestyle changes, and use some homeopathic remedies and be better! It just makes sense! And this seems like one of those chronic conditions that you can either keep beating to death with dips and drugs, or figure out what’s really causing it and treat the whole problem.

    As far as homemade diets go, do they need to be raw? Also, does it matter what meats i use? You mentioned getting things on sale, should i stick with one meat (beef, chicken, etc) or is it ok to give variety (beef one week, chicken the next, etc.)

    Thanks again!

    Fyi- I used to work for Schulhof Animal Hospital (we used to draw bloods for you i think) and Now i work with Janet Goff @ Milford (mom of Jeb the bloater.) Small world, huh?

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