Daughter’s dog diagnosed w/lung cancer.

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    Tony Scott

    My 14 year old daughter has an 11-12 year old Yorkie. We actually only got him 3 years ago. They are inseparable. Long story short, he was just diagnosed w/lung cancer. My daughter wasn’t with me when I took him to the vet so she doesn’t know yet. He seems completely okay except for the slight cough. A part of me wants to keep this information from her for awhile (since he’s doing okay right now) but the other part of me says I should tell her. Everyone I’ve asked says not to tell her but I think they are just trying to keep her from the pain, as I am. I read the article about grieving, etc. and ended up in tears. Maybe I want to tell her because I don’t like having to keep my own grief at bay. Has anyone experienced this and what did you do?

    Tony Scott

    at 14 she’s old enough to be able to deal with the situation. My children were younger when our beloved dog was euthinized. The knew he was very sick because of the many hospital stays and seeing me upset over him. But we never told them , now ages 14 and 17, that we had him euthinized. We told them that he died at his last hospital stay. I didn’t have the heart to tell them. Didn’t think they would understand. Your daughter deserves to know that you dog pal is ill. Please tell you 😥

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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