Crusty sores/scabs around ears

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    I have three cats. The first is female and 5 years old, the second is male and 2. Recently I adopted a new kitten, female, who is now about 6 months old.
    I began feeling rough bumps behind the older females ears recently. Today I noticed them on the male as well, though not as large. And if I feel around very carefully, I think I’ve found them on the kitten, though only a couple of small ones.

    They all have very dark hair and so they’re very hard to get a look at. They appear to look almost like small flaky scabs, though the older female cat appears to have scratched hers and it looks like she has several open sores. I’m scheduling a vet appointment tomorrow but I thought I’d post anyway to see if anyone else has ever seen anything like this. I’ve been around cats all my life and never heard of or seen such a thing!

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