Corneal Ulcer

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    Tony Scott

    I took my male cat to urgent care last night becasue he was keeping his one eye shut. He was diagnosed as having a corneal ulcer ( thanks to our little kitten) and was put on eye drops as well as some pain meds. Today I noticed he had a slight green/yellow discharge similar to pink eye discharge ( I wiped it clean and he hasn’t developed any more) and wondered if this is due to the fact that we have just started treating it or should I assume it is worsening? SHould I take him back in our make a better decision tomorrow when he has been on the meds for a full day? I also read that fish oil in his food as well as a drop in his eye 4 times a day would speed recovery. I want to do whatever will make him more comfortable. How safe is this and should I try this or stick to the prescribed meds only?
    Thanks for any suggestions!

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