Constant nasal infection, huge lymph nodes

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    Hi my name is Amanda, and Febuary the 10th I adopted a 3 or 4 yr old border collie. From the second day I had him I noticed that he had horrible green nasty discharge coming out of his nose. He sneezed very hard constantly and blood and pus would go flying. Aslo every time he drank water it would either come out of his nose or the would aspirate on it. His lymph nodes on his neck were huge! I took him to the vet and she did a culture of the discharge, and put him under Anastasia to look up his nose better. She did not have an endoscope by the way…

    Well, she sent me home with the proper antibiotics for his nasal bacterial infection and told me that he had loads of nasty green growths up his nose, but she could not biopsy them because of his sever swelling.

    He struggled to breath. He snorted like a big and sounded horrible. There were some nights I was expecting to wake up and find him dead.

    Two weeks went buy and barley any chance. I went back, she gave me more antibiotics and put him under anistisha again to see if the swelling has went down so she can look up there better. And she still could not biopsy the green growths.

    He got even worse…

    I took him to another vet and they found that he had a gash waaaay back in the roof of his mouth and his throat. They repaired it through surgery and gave him more antibiotics. He was a new dog!!! 110% better!
    Until a week ago. Green discharge, nasty smell, and his lymph nodes are bigger than ever. I called to make an appointment with the vet who did his operation but it will be a week before they can see me.

    I can visibly see that his gash that was repaired is still fine, and in great condition.

    I am worried about this guy 🙁

    any know about this?

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=bordercolliefan86]any know about this?[/quote]

    The “wound” was probably just a red herring which triggered a flare-up of an underlying energetic imbalance.

    After seeing what your vet has to say I would [b]strongly[/b] urge that you add a veterinary homeopath to your medical team.

    Dr. Jeff

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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