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    Hi, I recently got a chance to read Dr. Pitcairns Complete Guide for Natural Health for dogs and cats. I have 2 six-year old German Shepherds that live in the house, but get plenty of yard time for sun bathing. My female has always had ears problems. Inflammation and yeast infections. Different vets gave different opinions as to what was causing the problem. My male dog had always been healthy with perfect skin and I had feed them both Purina all their life. Just recently my male dog began chewing the base of his tail, so much that he was bleeding a loosing hair in that spot. I treated it the best I could by applying fish oil for moisture.
    I finally started getting better quality dog food, Wellness, thinking my female probably had food allergies. That didn’t help after months of the new food. Finally, we considered that it was seasonal allergies. My vet tried to push prednisone onto my female, but I was not about to shove my dog full of synthetic pills. I did my research.I decided to start cooking home made food anyway because I love my dogs and want them to live a healthy life. It had been 7 days now, I switched over gradually, but my dogs are having diarrhea.
    At first my female was fine, nice plump poop……but now it is runny. My male is the worst, he goes more frequently and has blood in his poop. the diarrhea has been going for 6 days. They are still playful, wanting their walks, drinking water, and eating good. Nonetheless, I am worried about the frequent soft stools. They have been strain the last few day and just a little come out. I am really worried, but I fear of going to the vet for he will almost certainly reject the home made feeding and try to give more medicine. I love my babies and don’t want them to be suffering. Any specific advice you can offer? Is this a medical problem or a diet problem?

    P.s. The homemade diet is boiled chicken, a little skin on, but not all; white rice; carrots for Vitamin A; a dollop of plain yogurt (to ward off yeast infection and calcium); egg shells; 1/2 cup commercial dog food each serving and bone meal.


    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Hi Lacey-

    I’d try a bland diet for a few days (mushy rice/oatmeal and boiled white meat chicken or low fat cottage cheese), If that does the trick, great! You can then start back gradually on their regular diet, but I would omit the chicken skin. My experience is that any [u]*cooked*[/u] skin or even dark meat (or cooked red meat) can cause diarrhea. In general, canned pumpkin and slippery elm can help with diarrhea.

    You should also bring a stool sample to your vet to rule out internal parasites. It would also be a great idea if you consulted with a nutritionally-oriented homeopathic vet to help get both dogs on the best healing path.

    Good luck!

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