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classical vs. clinical homeopathy

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    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    I recently answered a question on the Classical Homeopathy for Pets list. On the surface it is a straightforward question (and quick answer) but it also raises some fundamental questions (Such as, are combination remedies OK? Or what is the remedy for cancer? Or…) which I would like to discuss here if anyone is interested.

    BTW-This list is an invaluable resource for anyone deeply interested in Classical Homeopathy and hahnemann’s 6th Organon. Their home page is [url]http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ClassicalHomeopathyPets/[/url]


    [color=green]Could someone please tell me the difference between
    Classical Homeopathy and Clinical?[/color]

    A classical homeopath uses the signs and symptoms of the patient to choose correct remedies. We consider “dis-eases” to be a *secondary* result of an internal energetic imbalance (often caused by the stress of vaccines, poor diet, suppression of symptoms, etc.)

    Practicing “clinical” homeopathy involves using the (secondary) diagnosis as the basis for choosing a remedy, e.g., give this remedy for that condition. At it’s worst (usually from people that have never read the Organon) this is a bastardization of homeopathy (a good example is people who use combination “homeopathic” remedies).

    In reality, most of us use some clinical info to help decide on a remedy (actually often a group of remedies which has an affinity for that specific physiologic process, or organ, or…). The trick is to understand Homeopathic philosophy by reading (the Masters) and contemplating for a period of months and years (or lifetimes). Then (and only then ) can you truly see (and treat) what Hahnemann and Little aptly call the gestalt of the disease.



    I currently have two cats being treated for cancer by a homeopathic veterinarian. Their “remedies” are not the same and it is not just because they have different cancers (one, bladder, one sarcoma of the jaw).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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