Chronic Renal Failure in a cat

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    3 weeks ago I found out my beloved cat rascal had CRF and he went in for 3 days of iv fluids. Also he began eating KD food . When I first found out his creatinine was at 3.5 . I took him home and he was eating fine I took him back 2 weeks to the day and his numbers had gone to 7.29… He also had regenative anemia. He had started to twitch and began hiding alot more then he had in prior weeks . When I took him in for the second blood test he was at 7 1/4 pounds 2 days later he was at 6 lbs 13 ounces… I made the tough decision to put him down and now I am asking myself is there more I could have done to save him? I have 3 offspring from him and I question myself if I should have treated the anemia with a blood transfusion from his son??? Would that have helped? Also I have been reading about renevast and wondering if this could have helped his kidneys to function better even at the stage he was in. His right kidney was enlarged and he was tired… He fought hard till he knew I knew he was sick, it was almost as if once I knew he knew he could let go.. I believe he had lost 90 percent of his kidneys..


    just a couple more things… He started out over 10 pounds….
    He was having issues with his nasal passage… which I had taken him in for alot over the last year… he always seemed to have a discharge of either milky white, yellow or green. he was a chocolate himalayan so some nasal problems were always present.
    I can’t remember the bun number and i did do blood and urine test on his last visit to the vet. My vet said that all the numbers held the same except for the creatinine….. The night i got the call about his results I picked him up and had his head on my shoulder and was petting him and letting him know all would be ok…. and he took a deep breath relaxed and when i went to set him down he rolled to his side and went limp… I thought he was dieing right then… i called my vet and took him there but missed him by 20 minutes… Now after reading more i realize this was lack of oxygen in the blood so it wasnt getting where it needed to go… Is that a true assumption? He had taken to sleeping under the dresser but would come out to drink water, eat and use the cat box… He seemed like the pretense of trying to show my mama kitty and his offspring that he was still here took a toll on him the last couple of days… I’m not sure why I am doing this I guess I just want to know if he was truly at the last stage… He seemed almost gone even before my vet started the injection… His kidneys were detroiting and they were no longer able to filter the toxins…

    Dr. Jeff Feinman


    I’m so sorry for the loss of Rascal. It does indeed sound like his quality of life had rapidly deteriorated and his condition was only getting worse.

    How old was he?

    Dr. Jeff


    He had just turned 10 on March 1st. I have dealt with alot of medical conditions with cats, feline diabetes ( giving insulin twice a day )feline megacoln, FUS, FELV, Feline calicivirus ,Giardia & mange just to name a few.. the last four were feral rescues. But honestly nothing prepared me for this. And after reading on the Renavast I can’t help but wonder if it could have saved him… And if the blood transfusions for the anemia could have extended his life..? My little Himi family is at a loss at this point… My mama kitty walks the house at night looking for him and its been a week today.
    And I question how I didn’t see this coming.. My five cats sleep with me every night and his kids have never not had him around except for the 3 day stay at the vets 3 weeks ago…. I know they say it’s hard to catch early enough but honestly these are indoor cats that are with me every minute I am at home.
    and all the things I have read as of today the numbers for the creatinine on the chart for stage 4 is 5.0… Rascal’s test results were 7.29 what does that mean? How can a cat go from 3.5 to 7.29 in just 2 weeks after 3 days on IV fluids and eating KD food?
    I really want to believe I made the right choice last Tuesday, by looking at the numbers from the test results, his accelerated
    weight loss,his going limp and his constant running nose and hiding under the dresser…
    I guess what I really need to know is at 7.29 is there a chance for he could have bounced back and even is so the anemia would have taken his life at some point? These are question I was not in any condition to ask my vet that night… I guess I will ask when I pick up my beloved Rascals remains next week…
    Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.


    Well after 3 weeks of research I am now at a loss as to what caused this sudden change in my cat.. Could it have been PKD? I kick myself for not doing an ultrasound or a swab test! PKD is found in the Himalayan breed so what do I do now for my other cats? Can you suggest anything?

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    It is often safest to screen any breeding cats with periodic kidney tests and urinalyses.

    Dr. Jeff

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