Chronic cough/bronchitis (long)

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    Hi,everyone. I am new to the forum and excited to be here (altho would rather my dog were healthy!:)

    This first post is quite long (or should I say,”lung”) but please bear with me.

    The problem is with my 14 1/2 year old English cocker spaniel,named Reno. He is a dog with multiple medical problems chief among them being idiopathic epilepsy,possible inflammatory bowel disease (both under control)and a past h/o a resistant E Coli in his urine which took us a year to clear up ( finally by using Primaxin ..a $$$ and potent injectable antibiotic)

    About 4 years ago,he had a mild but persistent cough. Bronchial wash (aka BAL)revealed very unexpected necrotizing pneumonitis (eg infected area of lung where cells were inflamed and dying). He was treated with Zenaquin, a strong antibiotic for quite a while (yes with probiotics) and his symptoms and infection cleared by Jan 05.( his initial BAL showed strep,pseudomonas and klebsiella )
    Then, early in 2007, I did the absolutely DUMBEST thing ever. Since I bring rescue dogs into my house,often straight from shelters, I thought that maybe I should vaccinate Reno for Bordatella b/o his past h/o of such a serious lung infection. Well ,as you might guess,he came came down with an acute cough about two weeks later and that was the beginning of this current story.
    After many bronchoscopies(BCS..my own abbrev) and BAL and treatment with Zenaquin (alone or with clavamox,maybe baytril,and injections (by me) of Fortaz) , he then was put on a course of Amikacin .This was a 10 day course of painful shots.
    At the end of that,his BCS still showed a resistant E Coli with Klebsiella and he was put on,and remains on long-term clavamox. I don’t recall exactly what he had with all the in between (BAL’s) ( I have to pull his records) but I know he had strep which cleared and also a pesky staph.
    Actually,by the end of the Amikacin, (and at other times) his cough was not bad..still there but intermittent) but after the final bronchoscopy ,he gradually started to worsen to the point we are today (keep reading if you are still with me). Also on the first BCS, the vet’y internist noted slight posterior tracheal collapse (extrathoracic) but his echo and chest x-ray were unremarkable and I did not want to do an MRI ,CAT scan or flouroscopy. His lungs are clear and his chest x-ray has at most,shown some minor increased markings.

    His tests were negative for fungus and no sign of cancer in the BAL. There was too much inflammation to see any evidence of allergy.

    Along the way we have tried various cough suppressants eg Lomotil, Hycodan(codeine),Chinese herbs,acupuncture (only once for this),honey on a piece of bread.He is currently on toradol (a narcotic) and occasionally I will substitute some Robitussin DM (altho I don’t see that much difference but maybe dose is too small ). He was also on a Chinese herb called Lily 14..I don’t think it helped but I may restart it. (he also had an immune support herb: echinacea blend..possibly not long enough)
    I also give him albuterol by inhaler (to open his airways) and fluticasone, an inhaled steroid,to help calm the inflammation in his lungs.(Perhaps my home-made face masks don’t deliver the meds optimally,but I don’t think that is it) He has not been on oral steroids (I know that is a “scary” word,but sometimes it is needed)
    I very reluctantly have been feeding him a Royal Canin RX diet for his possible IBD for the past several years (please don’t jump on me :rolleyes: ) . I kept it up because years of no GI bleeding made it hard for me to “fix something that perhaps wasn’t broken ito GI problems . I am now switching him to Artemis and then to grain fee (like my doxie) altho his treats etc have always been highest quality (maybe I’ll go raw but for a dog this age,I’d rather not start something that drastic (pls don’t all yell at once 😉 )
    His routine meds(in additon to above) are three drugs for epilepsy: potassium bromide, Keppra and Zonisamide, plus soloxine, and pepcid .We have recently had 3 sessions of TTouch as well.In addition,I had my home air quality tested and there is some non-toxic mold that I am in the process of dealing with (but that is not new ).
    I am looking for some other ideas. I know that homeopathy is probably one of the safest adjuncts to his allopathic care and my TTouch practitioner mentioned Dr Jeff to me)
    Thank you so much for those of you who slogged through this! You may now take a well-deserved nap!
    Marsha T Wallace MD

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=oscarsgal57] I know that homeopathy is probably one of the safest adjuncts to his allopathic care [/quote]

    Hi Marsha-

    Actually, homeopathy is not just an adjunct but is a much more effective method of primary care than allopathy, e.g. most homeopaths had very, very low mortality pre-antibiotics in cases with high mortality like flu, cholera, typhoid, pertussis, plague, etc.

    The problem in this case is the amount of palliation and suppression that Reno has had (is having). Homeopathy can definitely still help improve his length and quality of life, but it’s not going to be an easy road for [b]you[/b] to travel.

    To allow his body to heal at the deepest (energetic) level will require weaning of some meds, tolerating some symptoms (that were “controlled” by the drugs), close monitoring, and frequent follow up. Quite a bit different than most allopathic care.

    If you’re up for it, please go to the link which I sent you read the info, and submit the questionnaire. Call after you do so, and I will call you back.


    Have a wonderful weekend.

    I sure hope Reno is OK.

    Dr. Jeff

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