chocolate to dogs. yes? no?

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    I’ve heard in the past that giving chocolate to a dog is very hazardous, almost deadly. We had a yorkie in our family that lived 20 years, and his favorite candy were M&M’s! He ate tons of those things, along with cookies, and other chocolates, and he lived for so long. It almost seems like a wive’s tale that giving chocolate to a dog is hazardous. I did hear that giving BAKERS chocolate to a dog is deadly, and that’s one chocolate i never gave my dogs. I heard more reports of that being more dangerous than m&m’s, which are milk chocolate. That’s probably why i never gave my dogs bakers chocolate.

    Maybe someone out there can dispell the rumors, and tell me the straight facts.

    thank you!

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    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    [quote=doglover4life]I’ve heard in the past that giving chocolate to a dog is very hazardous,
    I did hear that giving BAKERS chocolate to a dog is deadly[/quote]

    Hi Rick-

    Yes, chocolate is toxic though [i]most[/i] dogs can tolerate [i]some[/i] milk chocolate OK (as with the candy and cookies you gave). It’s kind of like a bee sting. Most people are OK afterwards but some get really, really sick.

    Bakers and dark chocolate are much more concentrated and these can be really problematic in smalll amounts (some dogs have died due to seizures from the cafffeine and other components in it).

    So it’s not really a myth, but possibly overstated by some (see the great book [b]”Scared Poopless”[/b] for more info about this phenomenon).

    Dr. Jeff


    Thanks for sharing. I accidentally gave a chocolate cake bite size to one of our dogs one time and a friend told me that it’s bad for dogs. Since then I haven’t tried giving any chocolate.

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