Chihuahua with heart problems

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    I have an 8 yr old Chi who has a heart murmer (rated 2.5-3) with a sig. enlargement. We switched him to a raw food diet a couple weeks ago and he’s doing good on that. Currently he takes 2.5mg of enanapril for his heart, is this going to hurt his kidneys/liver (his latest blood test did show a slight elevation for the kidneys) What kind of suppliments should I give him and how much, and should that be in addition to or instead of the enapril. I haven’t had much luck locating a holistic vet around here, mine doesn’t “approve” of the raw diet and would rather he eat the junk in a bag!

    He also occasionally has problems with his trachea too, is there something for that too?




    I posted something similar yesterday as well. We have one holistic type Vet and I plan on calling him today. This is so scary! I’ve been holding off on the enalipril for just that reason. From what I’ve read, coughing is a symptom that something in the heart is leaking into the lungs. Abby doesn’t have any symptoms yet. Happened upon this site and am hoping for the same answers.



    Let me know what yours says!

    My Chi’s condition definetly improved since he started taking the enapril, he used to cough alot, and now he just does it in the am sometimes (sounds like he’s horking up a hairball) or when he overdoes it playing and gets tired. Then its almost a bark, and I’m sure that the traechea problem doesn’t help then, but it doesn’t seem to bother him other than then or when he forgets to breathe when he’s eating!

    I worry about his liver/kidney though, I made my vet make me a copy of his last blood test #’s, but of course they don’t mean anything to me! I had read that alot of times traditional vets will ignore a slight elevation, where a homeopathic vet will consider it a sign of a oncoming problem and start treating it right away.

    Anyone know of a good holistic vet who will consult long distance? The only one I found around here seems to be on both sides of the fence, recommends over vaccination, flea treatments,etc.



    Hi Dawn!

    The Vet was very knowledgeable, he did a AKG and a blood test to make sure Abby’s kidneys are alright. He wants Abby on the Enalapril, he also wants her to take…Formula CV, CoQ10 and Cardioplex. Abby is a Rott/Lab mix weighing 60 lbs. He wants to check her blood again in 3 months & another ultrasound to see if anything has changed. Since yours is a Chi the dosage would be totally different from Abby. I’m sure you could find dosing info for your little one. Hope this helps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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