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    I left my chihuahua outside two days ago for a couple of hours like I normally do but when I opened the door he crept inside then was just down like he could barely stand. There were some wasp around but I checked to see if he had any bumps or tender spots but he didn’t seem to…..well, after a few minutes watching him try to walk/stumble….his legs were just limp…like on the movie Bambi when Bambi is trying to learn to walk….so I remembered last time when he was a baby and got stung the vet told me I could give him benedryl…so I rushed and gave him some and tried to get him to drink some water. after a few more minutes, it seemed the benedryl helped….but he just wanted to lay down and be petted. Later that night he seemed back to his normal self….playing and running and jumping as normal. Today (2 days) later he seems not a 100%…like he’ll play for a bit but then just seems to look out of it. He is eating and pooping normally….I’m just not sure why he is acting tired/gloomy which is not him. It has been hot outside about 98/100 degrees….do you think he was just dehydrated? or could this be something else?

    He is not neutered…could this be a problem?

    I’m really concerned….any suggestions?

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