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    My 8 year old cat has just come down with a upper respiratory infection. He is at the vets right now being treated with anitbiodics and fluids. He was/is severly dehydrated. He is only been on the antibiodics for a day, but he really looks and sounds terrible. He is severly congested and one of his eyes is draining really bad. Is this normal? The vet told me today when I called to check on him, that his nose seemed swollen, and that he could have a tumor (I live in a small town and he said he didn’t have the resources to check, other than xray and he said that might not show anything.) Can this swelling be caused by the infection? He hasn’t eaten anything for about 4 days. I’m just really worried about him and wondering if he is going to get better. Thanks for any advice or input.


    Could he possibly have herpes? Many cats carry the herpes virus and they respond very well to neopolybac eyedrops w/ one cc of acyclovir. Many times cats will have all kinds of swelling in their mucus membranes. I only know this as I have several rescue cats with that and also feline immune virus. It is a good idea to have your kitty checked for fiv/flv if you haven’t and keep them indoors, they live so much longer.

    Hope this helps you to ask vet about this & I hope your kitty improves soon.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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