Cat with Stones in Bile & Pancreatice Duct

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    I’ve had my DSH, spayed female cat for about 10 years but she was an adult when I got her so she could be 11 or she could be 17. She had an ultrasound yesterday after having some issues with eating and vomiting. She had been doing well on antibiotics, but yesterday we discovered the source (sort of) of the problem. Here is what my vet’s notes say:

    “Ruby has stones in her bile duct (both intrahepatic and extrahepatic) as well as in her pancreatic duct. These stones can be caused by a range of diseases (structural, infectious, inflammatory, neoplastic, dietary, etc.) and due to Ruby’s response to her anti-biotics, most likely have a bacterial component (but we don’t know if the bacteria are the cause of the the problem or are simply taking advantage of it).”

    The “gold-standard” of treatment would be to surgically remove the stones, and do further testing. Apparently, stones in these locations is unusual. Surgery is both expensive & invasive — so I opted to first try medical treatment. But after just 1 day on Ursodiol to help break up the stones she went back to being lethargic, not eating, and now has diarrhea. So I talked to the vet and am discontinuing the drug — but that still leaves the problem of the stones.

    I am hoping to find a homeopathic remedy to help her break down the
    stones, and hopefully prevent them from returning. She is currently on 2 antibiotics, Hepatic Support supplement, and takes Cerenia appetite stimulant as needed (though before the Ursodiol I had stopped giving her the Cerenia because her appetite was back with a vengeance).

    All advice is welcome.

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Hi Theresa-

    Yes, gallstones in both dogs and cats can be both in the gallbladder itself as well as the bile ducts that lead into and away from the gall bladder.

    In my experience, the best approach is a combination of dietary + homeopathy. Unfortunately, there is no one single homeopathic medicine for this (or any) problem. Individualization and addressing the totality is key.

    There are a few dozen homeopathic medicines that could help both improve the present stones and decrease future stone recurrence.

    What is she eating?

    Dr. Jeff


    Her normal diet consists of mostly canned food (because, in the past, she’s had UTI issues) and was eating Canidae leading up to this. When she went off her food I tried tempting her with a variety of other canned foods. She also gets some kibble — Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet. I’ve also been preparing some more fresh food for her, in an attempt to tempt her when she wasn’t eating well. In this case, I used some left over roast beef and chicken broth (that’s what originally got her eating again, though right now she’s not interested).

    Dr. Jeff Feinman

    Fresh food feeding is great idea. You might also want to stop all dry food. The more fluids she gets, the better.

    Good luck!

    Dr. Jeff

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