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    I have a feral calico cat, approximately 5 years old. I just noticed a sore spot on her back near her tail. The fur has been licked off, it is red, warm to touch, and looks very uncomfortable. There don’t appear to be sores. I am wondering if she is allergic to something. There don’t appear to be any fleas. She is very shy and skittish and it would be almost impossible to take her to a vet. Also she appears to have “acne” on her chin that comes and goes. She is fed raw turkey with enzymes and vitamins and good crunchies. Any help would be appreciated.


    Hi. Ok so you have 2 cats, both with bald spots and at least 1 is always hungry?

    What exactly are you feeding them? What are “crunchies”? Kibble?

    They’re most likely fighting. Seriously, all the signs point to it. I’m not a vet..just have experience with that with my 2 boys and I see this topic come up a lot on raw cat groups. I was finding random bald spots on my 2 boys for months before I actually started hearing them during the night. Mostly in between the shoulder blades. Does your skittish one seem even more skittish lately? 🙄

    Even the description of the cats fits. You have a feral who is probably the dominat one and then you have George the “skittish one”. Is George smaller too? Look at the spots they’re in.. For george to have bald spots on his thighs/stomach, they probably got into a wrestling match where he was on the bottom with the other cat’s butt in his face and he grabbed above the tail. 🙁

    If you actually see them licking it, it’s to heal it like they would do with any kind of cut. It’s common with starting cats on raw and the main cause is usually they’re not eating enough or now that they have a taste for the meat, they don’t want kibble or canned food..Which would explain your one cat constantly hungry. (I have one of those..) Or the kibble just isn’t filling them up anymore.

    Why don’t you put them on 100% raw? If they’re picky and you’re having a problem with that or don’t know what to feed them.. I’d recommend joining this yahoo group:

    It has all that kind of info on how to switch picky cats completely and what to feed them and everything. 😀 That topic with them fighting and ripping eachother’s hair out is common in raw cat groups too. All I had to do was feed my cats more variety and make sure they eat enough. If your cat never complained he was hungry before going to the raw, then any meowing he’s doing now does mean he’s hungry. Try something fatty so it’s filling like a porkchop or chop the meat off a chicken thigh.

    The “acne” on the chin though.. Umm does she rub her chin on the dish when she’s eating the raw..like licking the dish clean? depending on what kind of dish she has.. Other than that I have no idea and that could maybe be an allergy..


    I’ve never had a problem with hot spots but some people swear by Willard Water for them. Good luck.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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