Cat with elevated pancreatic enzymes

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    Hi Dr. Jeff.

    My 7-yr old cat, Goose, (age estimated) has lost 1.5 lbs over the past 1.5 months. Prior to that he had some tenderness and sensitivity to the tail and abdominal region, which seems to have improved with time and a homotox for detox. He is primarily an indoor cat, but does have occasional outdoor privileges. He eats, drinks, urinates, and defecates normally, no vomiting, but has begun to sleep slightly more, and now has some tenderness around his upper body, chest and ribs, and a little around the abdomen. Blood panel revealed elevated pancreatic enzymes, nothing else including thyroid (we didn’t get a CBC). Our holistic vet has prescribed Pepcid daily, with a different homotox specific to those lab results. This was just 3 days ago, so no changes are expected or noted yet.

    I have 19 permanent residents of the furry persuasion, and usually at least one foster cat, sometimes more. This includes 2 dogs. I also TNR and care for feral cats at several colonies. All of my animals have been altered, tested negative, and received initial vaccinations (Goose 4 years ago). Foster cats are always quarantined, and tested prior to introduction into the general population.

    Goose was rescued 4 years ago already neutered, although he exhibited such “intact” behaviors, that eventually I insisted on hormone tests, but he is indeed sterile. Those behaviors included fighting, spraying, yowling. We tried homeopathy, Bach remedies, Reiki, Feliway products, animal communicators, gave him his own room, changed his name to something he approved of and one that meant he was a permanent part of the family, (I know I’m forgetting something), and eventually put him on Amitriptylene for a year. He’s been off it for more than 2 years now, and behaviors have been much better. He eats Innova Red dry cat food daily, Trader Joe’s canned food (only the turkey and chicken varieties) occasionally, and only R/O water. He is neither overweight nor underweight, although he shouldn’t lose any more.

    Goose is my 3rd cat/4th pet in the past year with pancreatic issues. I’d like to know your thoughts about Goose’s condition in particular, and about the message my animals are trying to give me in general. I’ve asked several people in the energy and healing arts field what the pancreas represents, and haven’t found anything really specific to pancreas itself. I’m thinking the animals may be manifesting symptoms and conditions to give me a message about myself or our lives together. Interestingly, there are also 7 who have now, or have had in the past, various eye conditions.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you!


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