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    Tony Scott

    my male siamese cat has cystitis. yesterday, he was not able to urinate but today, he was able to, but only in small amounts. we already sent him to the vet but we would still want to do some home treatment. what would be the appropriate diet for him?


    My dogs had cystitis when they were younger. In addition to taking antibiotics, I gave them unsweetened cranberry juice, my vet told me to. a) they liked it; and b) it helped them flush out more urine and therefore clear of the infection sooner. Yogurt was also being recommended by my vet too, but my dogs didn’t seem to like it that much (of course they preferred ice-cream!)


    Tony Scott

    my male cat is showing signs of cystitis went to emergency on saturday and going to the vet tomorrow. he is on antibiotics. i would like to change all of their diets to something natural. all three cats are overweight. what type of food is the best for helping “get rid of” urinary tract infection/cystitis? everything i have read indicates that dry cat food is not good and i want to change their food. my sched. forces me to leave them for 4 days each week indoors with dry food and water. they have done this for 11 yrs. what is the healthiest dry food available? i’d like to feed them wet food on the days that I am here. i have read about making my own cat food and adding supplements. I just want the best for them and i want to help my male cat get healthy again quickly.


    Hi Mai,

    For humans, most would recommend a low-grain, low-sugar diet to lower the risk of bladder infection. I assume the same holds for pets (Dr. Jeff will verify). I found the book by Caroline Levin (though focused on dogs) on diet helpful. She has homemade recipe included in the book.

    Dogs, Diet, & Disease: An Owner’s Guide to Diabetes Mellitus, Pancreatitis, Cushing’s Disease, & More (Paperback) by Caroline D., Rn Levin.

    The following web-site (again for humans) on the low-grain, low-sugar approach to bladder infection control may be of interest to you:

    Best wishes,

    Tony Scott

    just got back from vet with my male 11 yr. old cat. diagnosed with cystitis. prescribed clavamox 2 x /day and for food UR wet and i got UR dry. it’s not good for senior healthy cats. look for any foods that have a low magnesium content. i am getting my cats away from dry food as my research indicates that dry foods are not “natural” for cats. i will give him the vet foods until he is well but for maintenance i am going to switch them to something they all can eat (all 3 cats–2 females) and it will be something with low magnesium. the idea is to maintain the correct ph level. my goal is to keep their dry food intake minimal. also i am giving him eye dropper or syringes of water (he loves it) he has to drink more water and this is the best way to keep the urine flowing so crytals don’t have a chance to form. i hope someone can get something out of this. cats can block within 24 hours so i am keeping a close watch on him. he never got blocked just a lot of straining and blood. he has struvite crystals.


    My male, 3 yr-old cat was diagnosed yesterday with Cystitus. He has two or more large stones in his bladder and he is (as shown to me in X-Ray by dr yesterday). He has also been urinating (or trying to) more often than usual and also urinating on clothing and our bed (highly unusual for him. According to some sites I read, this is because he is looking for a cool, soft spot to go (because he is in pain). When we brought him to the Vet with symptoms, the dr didn’t think this was a possibility b/c he is so young but he started bleeding right there and so the dr was forced to perform some tests, which showed he had crystals/stones in his bladder. The results of the Urinalysis were inconclusive but my dr says his educated guess is that the crystals are most likely Calcium (Oxalate?) and not Struvite.

    Apparently the two routes to go at this point are surgery (to remove the stones) or special diet to hopefully break them down. My Dr. says that it is most likely too far along for the latter and that he strongly recommends the surgery. But for the surgery (and everything else that goes with it) he charges $1,150. If I were a rich man I would not care because my cat’s health is at stake but my wife and I are very poor.

    I called some other vets today for quotes and only managed to get one from a nearby animal hospital that said they could do the whole thing for $400-$600. I made an appointment for Monday.

    Does anyone have any opinions on what I should do or how much this should cost (has anyone done it before)? I would really appreciate it. Thank you!


    I want to share this with you and if your cat has the same type of cystitis that mine does, then maybe this info. will help you too. My cat has cystitis w/struvite crystals (there are 2 different types of crystals) I asked Dr. Jeff for advice and it has been helpful and my cat is getting better! I have been giving my cat cranberry extract, Vitamin C powder and multi-vitamins (all mixed in with his food and he likes it alot), and feeding him Wellness brand canned food. All of my cats are now eating Wellnes brand cat food. Since I am unable to be at my house every night I leave dry kibble out which my vet prescribed, Eukenuba Restricted Calorie. All my cats can eat this too. (When I am home I do not feed any dry food at all) I ordered all the “natural” remedies from Dr. Jeff and he sent the dosage amounts along with my order of course. I hope this is helpful. Sharon


    I also wanted to add the any cat with FLUTD (urinary disease) should increase their water intake and I give mine a syringe full of water several times a day. I also leave out several bowls of water and put some in his favorite places. In my case anyway, it seems like getting over this disease takes a long time unfortunately.

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